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Make the Media Your Friend

The media (newspaper, radio, television) can be of gargantuan help to the small and home based business. So, it is very central that you arise a connection with them.

Building The Best Network

If you want to succeed, build a great team. A great team multiplies your prospects for success; it enables you to form relationships with able associates who can make your dreams come true.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Press Releases

A press delivery is often your only attempt to make a great first impression.Newspapers, magazines and trade publications accept them by the truckload.

16 Exposure tips for Restaurants

With a dismal bankruptcy rate of more than 75 percent among restaurants, you must be sure you do the lot you probably can do to promote your restaurant by means of free publicity. Here are 16 tips that will boost your media hype pains and help you at length get noticed--even if you don't have a big promotion budget.

13 Exposure Ideas for Retailers

If you're demanding to promote your store, but you don't have a big publicity budget, relax. There are lots of ways to get in front of the listeners you want to reach by using free publicity.

Dont Pay for Radio Interviews

It used to be that all you had to do was pitch a great idea with a adroit hook, and you'd be booked as a guest on a half-hour radio show.These days, however, hang onto your wallet.

How to Work with Newspaper Photographers

The next time a newspaper photographer takes your photo, consider the 8 belongings they hate:1. Bossy colonize who call for that other colonize be incorporated in the photo, so there won't be hurt feelings.

Publicizing Your Company

Got a huge need for exposure and a tiny media hype budget? You don't need to have a Madison Avenue-sized promotion financial statement to make your name known. Here are five ideas to help you promote your company: 1.

Speak Up

Another way to exceedingly develop into known in your area is to speak up. Make by hand obtainable to talk to every civic,business and edifying group that will have you.

Advertising Is Dead. Long Live PR

Although I still deem there is a place for publicity as a brand maintenance or brand avowal tool, I am committed that to build a brand today, you need PR. At one time promotion did build brands.

Dont Be Incredible

Public relations is all about credibility and trustworthiness. If you don't apply PR, then you are apt to be incredible.

Be Patient? Nah, Lets Kill Something

There's the old joke about the two buzzards meeting in a tree overlooking a highway. One responds to the other, "Be patient? I'm hungry.

Write Press Releases That Dazzle

When a reporter is wowed, intrigued, bowled over or awestruck by your press release, you can be cute sure you'll get some media coverage. And for most businesses, activist media coverage is worth its burden in gold.

Using Advertising As A Creative Marketing Tool

Publicity is an central and often overlooked tool of creative selling; and a more cost-effective way of attainment your affect consultation than advertising. With the inherent third-party approval of the media obscure in every editorial story, a news or article condition in a newspaper, magazine, or on tube or radio, is an infinitely more credibly-perceived connections idea than an ad or commercial.


You have a story to tell. Your ballet company has industrial a revolutionary new product, or an enhanced adaptation of one that is known and respected in the marketplace.

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