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Financial Planners Media hype - Dont Wait, Media Folks Want Your Free Publicity

Looking to get your name into a magazine? You need to be accepted wisdom ahead--way ahead. Magazines start forecast their issues as much as six months ahead of their book date.

Two Donts for Pecuniary Planners In quest of Free Publicity

Many of my clients have had the misguided perception that they won't be able to get media coverage from a journal that their superior competitors broadcast in. Naught could be additional from the truth.

Publicity - How to Write a Headline That Will Collect Free Publicity

Taking your ad and revolving it into paragraph-style prose is not a press announcement - likelihood are it will only lead the publisher to call and ask you to run it as a paid ad. A press circulate is for news or for in a row about a topic the listeners needs to know.

Publicity - Tips on Production With the Media

You brain wave of it, you researched it, you wrote it. So you own your story.

Publicity - How To Get Your Story on Television

A press circulate decisive about "Stevie, the Water-Skiing Squirrel" will never get that talented being on the TV news.But that same press release, accompanied by video of Stevie jumping over mini-ramps in an hot-air balloon pool, will make the news 99 days out of 100.

Marketing-Minded Monetary Planners: Get Free Advertising by Choosing the Right Outlets

Sure, any advertising is good. But don't invest time and crack to be in "Lucky: The Magazine for Shopping" if your major topic is development for college.

Publicity: Polls and Surveys Are a Great Path Free Publicity

When I exploration Google News for "surveys," I get just about 50,000 results. When I exploration for "stocks," I get about 54,000.

Three Exposure Tips for Marketing-Minded Economic Planners

Financial planners, the first thing to know about correspondents is this: they are busy.Often, they are too busy to read a press release, too busy to wait for you to call back, too busy to find the "best" resource.

Go Ahead, Marketing-Minded Economic Planners, Call a Reporter

Yes, you can call a reporter.I've said it before, in dozens of articles and presentations to monetary planners looking for free publicity.

Publicity - What to Say to a Reporter

You can have dozens of breathtaking ideas to get free publicity, but nonentity will crop up but for you pick up the phone and call a reporter.Here's where the media hype game gets attention-grabbing for marketing-minded fiscal planners.

Financial Planners Get Free Advertising With Email

In earlier articles for marketing-minded economic planners, I've discussed what to say to a reporter over the telephone.However, if you are phone-shy or time-challenged, it's advance to send an email than to do nothing.

Publicity - The Right Media Character to Call for Free Publicity

You won't accomplish much if you call the gas ballet company to ask about your cable bill. Make sure that when you call about your story that the reporter you are contacting is the right person.

Free Radio Media hype for Marketing-Minded Fiscal Planners

Radio is a brawny hype tool. Most stations offer news and talk programming.

For Marketing-Minded Pecuniary Planners, Small Publications Can Have Great Advertising Impact

Just as a journal is small doesn't mean that in receipt of your name in it won't have great impact.Trade on the reputation of the tradesSome of the trade publications have very loyal audiences who are much more liable to trust a big name they see there than a big name on the local news or in The Wall Lane Journal.

Publicity - Use This Approach to Track Media hype Progress

Tracking your correspondence with reporters, via phone or email, is central for two reasons. First of all, promises to follow-up can slip concerning the cracks of daily big business and cost you a adjustment at free publicity.

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