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Sometimes there seems to be no client news creditable of coverage. That's when the savvy PR pro digs deep into the old bag of tricks and pulls out one of these ideas to perk clothes up:

* The List

* The Index

* The Hall of Fame.

Best of, worst of, most of, least of, top and base lists can be great ways to get coverage. Designer Mr. Blackwell made a career out of his Worst Dressed List. Fatherland Music TV has crooked this into an art form by not just emergent the list but assembly a TV show out of it. Care about its 40 Best Drinking Songs.

You can use these lists to engage your own customers or readers. Do a analyze and have them vote. I continually like using odd figures like 11 or seven as a replacement for of 10 for my lists. It seems to me they get change for the better coverage. If you are going to arise one of these lists, don't be boring. Come up with a bit that has some controversy close to it to make certain larger coverage.

The Consumer Confidence Index is one of the most well known of the indices. The CCI is an index that requires some heavy lifting to prepare, but you can acquire one that is chastely for media hype purposes. The Citizen Company of Realtors industrial the housing affordability index, an easy-to-compile index that shows how much earnings you need in order to find the money for a home of a a number of buy price.

My first accepted wisdom when I worked with Carolinas AGC to build the Carolinas Construction Measurement was to come up with a exposure tool. However, when we enlisted UNCC to help us arise the attitude it abruptly became a real tool that essential a lot of work. So, be cautious with this one or it can get away from you.

Finally, there is the Hall of Fame. You don't need bricks and field gun to have one. It can be virtual like Bill Stoller's PR Hall of Fame that exists online and in press releases but nowhere else.

So, the next time there is no news, do some media relations magic: coin some out of thin air.

Harry Hoover is supervision principal of Hoover ink PR, http://www. hoover-ink. com. He has 26 years of be subjected to in crafting and delivering bed line communication that make sure hit for considerable businesses like Brent Dees Economic Planning, Duke Energy, Levolor, North Carolina Tourism, Ty Boyd Executive Culture Systems, VELUX and Verbatim.


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