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Top 10 tips for lucrative tv interviews - pr


1. Appearing in other types of media is the best way to appeal to TV notice. The more your name appears in print, the more possible it is that you'll be approached to act on TV.

2. If a TV researcher phones you, treat the dialogue like a mini-audition. They're listening out for how you say effects as well as what you have to say, so let your personality shine.

3. Pictures rule when assembly TV programmes. When distribution ideas to TV companies, make sure that you have brain wave it all through from a visual point of view. It's not just about what you say; it's about what you show and how you look as well.

4. Negotiate money only when your arrival is categorically confirmed. Be assured and neutral when discussing fees and choose ahead of time if you are all set to do the interview for free. If there is a fee it's doubtful to be large.

5. When doing a TV interview, keep talking, be aware of body foreign language and tone of voice

6. Ask what the first ask is expected to be ahead of filming starts to help you prepare. The interviewer will have arranged a list of questions and may share some of them with you beforehand. Bring to mind that the interviewer wants the interview to go well just as much as you do.

7. What to wear - avoid spots, stripes (including pinstripe shirts and suits) and small patterns - they make the camera go squiffy ('strobing' to be precise). Also avoid all black and white.

8. Ensure that the whole thing about you is harmonizing with the letter you are giving. If your implication is sober, dress as a result (leave the Homer Simpson tie at home).

9. Remember that in effect each who ever appeared on small screen (including celebrated people) felt jumpy beforehand. Nerves just show you that you're part of the human race. Use your nerves to coin energy.

10. Use your development to give you the most benefits. Tell your past, award and forthcoming clients all about it and if likely comprise a link to it on your website.

© Joanne Mallon 2005 - Extracted from The Beginners' Guide to TV Interviews - e-book advent soon from www. MediaLifeCoach. com

Joanne Mallon was a producer for all of the UK's chief TV channels plus the BBC, ITV and GMTV. She has coached thousands of colonize because of TV interviews, from novices to famed celebrities. She now helps women in the media accomplish their capability and helps small businesses be a focus for publicity. For your free media marketing ezine visit Joanne at http://www. MediaLifeCoach. com or email Joanne@medialifecoach. com


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