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It's the time of year when calendars crowd out the books and magazines in bookstores and are even on sale at bargain prices. But there's a elite kind of calendar that all good community relations professionals use - the editorial calendar.

Using editorial calendars is one of the most effective, yet most overlooked tool in a publicist's toolkit. Most ancestors avoid using editorial calendars as it takes some time to examine and compile. The top PR professionals do this every year and I've for myself found that outcomes are well worth the time - above all when you end up being paid featured in a key commentary in a major publication.

Except for the year and the names of the months, these calendars bear hardly resemblance to the glossy hang-up calendars in the stores. No swimsuit-clad models, lush scenery, puppies, kittens or cartoons of Dilbert. Editorial calendars are by and large bare-bones lists of forthcoming issue topics and major skin texture - or at least the cover stories or elite sections. Not much to look at - if not you're a PR pro demanding to crack that market.

That's for the reason that calculating what publications have in store allows you to tailor your pitches, news releases and articles to distinct issues. Ration editors and journalists by given that the stories they need earns you amity and bigger attention.

Editorial calendars are all in all decisive you closely what in rank they need for each issue. "If you can spin your own story to match what the media is looking for, then you have a great attempt of being featured in that publication," she says.

A in progress editorial calendar can by and large be found in the publicity divide up at the publication's website. If you can't find it there, call the publications marketing/sales branch and ask them to email/snail mail it to you.

Here are some examples of editorial calendars:

? Choice: The Magazine for Certified Instruction - http://www. choice-online. com/calendar. html

? Small Big business Equipment Magazine - http://www. sbtechnologymagazine. org/write/SBTM_Editorial_Calendar_2004_2005. pdf

? Fortune Small Commerce - http://www. fortune. com/fortune/mediakit/editcal-targeted. html

Not all publications have editorial calendars. Exceedingly small magazines - the many labor-of-love kind of magazines in print by enthusiasts -usually don't. Magazines, which don't acknowledge ads, may have one but they don't bring out it. Absolutely reader-contributed publications don't. New magazines commonly don't since the contented is so often distorted and tweaked as the newspaper searches for its voice.

Even some large, citizen magazines don't have calendars. News weeklies like Time and Newsweek don't. Neither does Citizens or US Weekly. They are steered by what news hits that week and that is, of course, a touch you can't predict months in advance.

After reviewing the calendar, you can choose which stories you can offer to be a basis or connoisseur for, or, in the case of trade publications, which months you could offer a printed expert-opinion piece.

Remember that editorial calendars can and do change, so check for updates regularly. Also, pay interest to deadlines. Critique queries and pitches in particular must be sent to the editors well ahead of time. And if they don't have deadlines, affect that the media need the in rank about four months out.

Shannon Cherry, APR, MA helps businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to be heard. She's a marketing contacts and communal relations connoisseur with more than 15 years encounter and the owner of Pink Communications. Subscribe today for Be Heard! a FREE biweekly ezine and get the FREE elite report: "Get Set For Success: Creative, Low-Cost Marketing Tips to Help You be Heard. " Go to: http://www. cherrycommunications. com/FreeReport. htm


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