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How to get a story about you or your affair in usa today - pr


I am often asked by clients to affect USA Today for media coverage, and with good reason: USA Today coverage can have a important brunt on businesses and organizations. Here's why:

1. Distribution of USA Today: USA Today is the main U. S. daily newspaper, with a Monday all through Thursday exchange of over two million, and a Friday flow of 2. 7 million.

2. Extra Media Coverage Consequential from a Story in USA Today: Many media outlets -- TV in detail -- abide by USA Today stories attentively and do TV segments based on USA Today articles. So, if you're featured in USA Today, there's a good ability you'll catch coverage in other media outlets.

What are USA Today journalists looking for?

Here are some tips:

1. Hop on the hot news story. Sometimes, there's one story that the news is focusing on brutally (Hurricane Katrina, the Absconder Bride, etc. ). Many times there are ways for your affair to tie into the news of the day, which is cute much all the media wants to cover. For instance, Cyclone Katrina is a hot news story at the time of this writing. In a USA Today story on gas prices associated to Gale Katrina, a small business, gasbuddy. com, was quoted. In a story correlated to the economic bearing of Katrina, a small business, Stone & Youngberg, a firm that deals in public securities, was integrated as a source.

2. Tie your affair or company into a existing trend. USA Today infrequently profiles character businesses or organizations. But they will often comprise you in a bigger trend story. For instance, if you make shape costume jewelry for babies, you may not get your own affair profile, but you may be incorporated in a superior trend story about companies that offer "Baby Bling," according to Lifestyle Editor Kim Willis.

3. Offer numerous sources, notes Small Commerce Reporter Jim Hopkins. You may have a great trend idea, but if it's hard for the newspapers to find sources, the story idea may die. Present sources is one way to make the story crop up -- and you can check the names you give.

So if you are looking for great media coverage, believe focusing on USA Today.

Copyright 2005 - Margie Fisher

Margie Fisher is head of Margie Fisher Civic Relations. This in a row was excerpted from her Exclusive Account "How To Get a Story About You or Your Big business in USA Today," free at http://www. margiefisher. com. You can also learn about her Pay for Consequences Advertising Program? and her free biweekly Convenient P. R. newsletter at http://www. margiefisher. com.


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