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Have you ever gotten one of those calligraphy from your local property tax appraiser, informing you that your tax bill is going up about 20 percent?

I got one of those recently, so I took it to my friend Joe Gross in San Antonio. He appeals assets tax assessments for a living.

"Man," he said. "I've never seen assessments shoot up like they have this year. "

My "news antennae" shot up. Then when he showed me his new web site, which gave assets owners a accidental to look up appraisals of other homes in their neighborhood, I told him, "Joe, you've got write a press announce about this new website. "

I helped Joe put all together a press circulate and circulate it to local radio and TV stations. A few nights later, there was Joe, on the dusk news, relating his web site to tens of thousands of viewers.

Could it crop up to your website? You bet, if you commit to memory a duo of basics--and write an attention-grabbing press release

***Learn to spot opportunities. When you see, hear or read amazing that relates to your field, call the reporter who did the story and offer "another angle" or a "follow- up. " The media are often judged on their aptitude to "enterprise" their own stories and ideas, and if you help make THEIR job easier. . . guess what they're expected to do for YOU?

Recently the San Antonio Articulate News ran a story about some new software. Darrin Schroeder, VP of a San Antonio company that had just rolled out a alike product, called the reporter and accessible a "follow-up. " Result: front page story, with color picture, a number of days later.

***Don't be frightened to ask. Listening to a pitch is part of every reporter's job. And keep this in mind: since they work on deadline, they don't constantly have much time to talk. So every now and then "No" just means "Not now. " It's okay to try again a different time.

***Talk high touch more than high tech. A high tech feature is great. . . but only if it consequences in a high touch benefit that makes life simpler, easier, more enjoyable, or more interesting. Pitch how it saves time or money and cuts down aggravation. Civilize it as much as possible, and if you know of a celebrity who legitimately loves and uses your site, offer them as a likely interviewee.

Writing a press circulate to promote your website isn't nearly as hard as you in all probability think. It will cost you some time and energy, but it doesn't have to cost you cash. You WILL get outcome if you keep trying, and the rewards will far outweigh the effort.

Just ask Joe Gross.

To see the complete press circulate I wrote for Joe, along with a line-by-line description of why I wrote it the way I did, go to http://www. publicity-pro. com/joegross. htm

About the Author: Award attractive TV affix George McKenzie offers a free 7-part email "Publicity Crash Course" at http://www. write-a-press-release. net At some point in his 33-year broadcasting career, George's work appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, and CNN.


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