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Pot roast and communal relations (or, how your web site can be your best p.r. tool) - pr


Recently I had a appetite for pot roast. I racked my brain to think of a restaurant that free a great pot roast (as you can see, I'm not a whiz in the kitchen). Anyway, I did what I by and large do when I need to find in order - I searched Google for "pot roast boca raton" to see what restaurants came up.

Well, only one restaurant's menu that featured pot roast came up. I had never eaten there before, so I phoned them to make sure they still had pot roast on the menu (alas, they didn't).

But here's the foot line: I would have befall a new patron at this restaurant -- for the reason that it free what I sought -- and I educated about it while probing the Web.

This underscores an central point: every big business needs a Web site. Very simply, you never know when ability clients will be incisive on the Web for a little they need - and the name of your big business or company will come up.

Here's an example. The other night, I got a phone call from a critic in California. She was doing a story on P. R. and my name came up on her Internet search. If it weren't for my Web site, she never would have found me -- and I would have missed the opening for publicity.

Here's a further example. One of my clients told me that a ability patron had absolute to do big business with his ballet company for the reason that of the high characteristic of its Web site.

If you don't think your affair or association needs a Web site, believe this: quite possibly, this very minute, a celebrity out there is pointed the Web for a touch he or she needs that you can provide.

Copyright 2004 Margie Fisher All civil liberties reserved.

Margie Fisher, Head of Margie Fisher Communal Relations (www. margiefisher. com), offers a wide range of broadcast relations services, from her Do-It-Yourself Civic Relations Kit?, to her Pay for Fallout Media hype Program?.


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