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You are a speaker for your company, in place of it for broadcast communication and media interviews. You are going about your everyday affairs, surrendering media interviews on a new effect or assistance your circle launched or a opportune topic of all-purpose interest. All is going well and a Hispanic media agent calls. What be supposed to you do?

Should you counter to the application as you do with other all-purpose advertise requests? If you are wondering about the reach and magnitude of Latino media and Latino audiences nationwide, note that Hispanic import power is estimated at about $600 billion a year and ever-increasing rapidly. At the risk of stereotyping, commit to memory Latinos are loyal buyers, in particular for high receipt items, spend more than mainstream and other alternative bazaar buyers on basic food and like to asset the best they can afford.

Is there a big Latino media presence? Yes! Bring into the light by hand with major media outlets such as Univision, one the leading which includes TV, radio, cable and online coverage; Telemundo, the back up main TV network; El Nuevo Bearer of news in Miami, the chief distribution Spanish idiom newspaper; and Terra. com, one of the Latino advertise web portals. A convenient store with complete in order on Hispanic media and Hispanic media instruction is Hispanic Marketing & Broadcast Relations (Poyeen Publishing, $49. 95).

Deciding whether to acknowledge the media interview opening will depend on a amount of factors together with your goals, the type of effect or benefit to be discussed all through the interview, your media interviewing abilities and Spanish idiom competence (if the interview is in Spanish). Keep in mind that many Latinos are English dominant (their only or favorite foreign language is English) and a amount of Hispanic media are in English or bilingual. This means your interview could be in English. Must you arrange your interview responses as you do with all-purpose media interviews? What steps be supposed to you take to get ready for the interview?

As with any other media interview make sure to practice, coach and rehearse; don't "wing it. " The audience can tell when you are prepared. Cold speakers often leave the interview with a disappointing impression. As part of your preparation, find out as much as you can about the media department store and the consultation of the interview.

To make the best depression consult a Hispanic advertise practiced and/or a Latino media relations coach. He or she can help you attitude your effect or assistance among Hispanics. Make sure you craft your implication with the aspect listeners you are addressing in mind, analysis the in a row for the interview, and arise Hispanic appropriate idea points (a reminder of the key points you want to emphasize). Make sure your business is equipped and ready to act in response to any Latino marketplace responses follow-on from the interview.

Following are links to some Hispanic media websites (in Spanish), to visit if you speak or read Spanish and want to learn more about Latino media:

http://www. univision. com/portal. jhtml
http://www. telemundo. com/index. html
http://www. terra. com/
http://www. miami. com/mld/elnuevo/

Elena del Valle is a 20-year marketing and connections veteran. She is editor and contributing biographer of Hispanic Marketing & Community Relations (Poyeen Publishing $49. 95). Added in a row is obtainable at http://www. hispanicmpr. com/?page_id=25


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