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Effective Media Relations Tips - What To Do After The Media Interviews You! By Thomas Murrell MBA CSP, Worldwide Affair Amplifier You've done all the hard work - arranged a media kit, engaged with a reporter and they've listened to your communication and asked questions.

What now?

Well, efficient media relations doesn't just stop once you have been interviewed.

There are many ways to influence your media experiences to help build your brand, reputation and image management skills.

Here are five tips on what to do after the media has interviewed you.

1. Instigate a Expert Media Monitoring Ceremony How will you know what media coverage you are in receipt of if you don't examine it?

Media monitoring collecting and evaluating all press featuring your ballet company or industry. The media in spite of this can affect print press, radio, websites, TV and even blogs and it is wise to enroll a authority media monitoring service. These army use keywords to hunt all media outlets and email summaries at once to the circle with links to the full articles. Often media monitors can break down searches to certain geographical areas. These army give a far more defined and comprehensive evaluation of your company's media with less accidental of lost a touch that has been published.

2. Analyse Your Quotes

After the story has been run analyse which speech marks the reporter has used. Often a one-hour interview may conclusion in just one or two key speech marks being elected by the journalist. This offers an insight on the way the media operates and what journalists look for in interviews. The more you appreciate how the media works, the more you can customise your idea to what they want and the bigger the ability of hit in your annotations being used by the media.

3. Appreciate What Quotation marks or Sound Bite Fundamentals Were Used

Pay actual concentration to just which speech marks were used and how efficient they were at relaying your message. This offers a delicate insight into your own media techniques and can ascertain areas that compel additional interest and training. For example: simple, aim speech marks are often favoured by the media. If a lot of the condition has been paraphrased conceivably your e-mail were too long or baffling or weren't spoken well.

By combining your accepting of the quotation marks used, identifying areas of weakness in the interview and investigative the workings of the media you will have a bigger appreciation and attempt of stronger media relations in hope interviews.

4. If You Like Your Quotation marks Re-use Them

Good quotation marks are like diamonds. They are often created under intense pressure. They are valuable, exclusive and when polished, cut and set can especially make you shine. If you've made the lozenge and had it set, why not show it off as many times as possible.

If your speech marks be in touch your letter well, re-use them again and again. Not only are they efficient in relaying more idea but have been permitted for use by the media, that is they associate with what the media views as a "good" quote. It is more central to connect your idea confidently, openly and consistently than it is to be original.

5. Never Get Angry or Trash The Media

If you get interviewed but not quoted, resist the temptation of trashing the newspaper, magazine or reporter and in receipt of angry. Instead, analyse the quotation marks that were used by others and try to better your implication administration so they could have been change for the better crafted and hence more expected to be used. The quickest way to build up your awareness in this critical and developing area is to learn more about how to craft e-mail that even the most cynical reporter will want to use.

Thomas Murrell MBA CSP is an worldwide affair speaker, consultant and award-winning broadcaster. Media Motivators is his consistent electronic magazine read by 7,000 professionals in 15 another countries. You can subscribe by visiting http://www. 8mmedia. com. Thomas can be contacted candidly at +6189388 6888 and is obtainable to speak to your conference, class or event. Visit Tom's blog at http://www. 8mmedia. blogspot. com/


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