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As an owner of an autonomous best label, I often get asked how to put as one a great press kit. I have found that young musicians appreciate their music, but are often frightened by the marketing end of the business. In this clause I will help you amount out how to attitude yourself, whether you are a Latin female lead singer house her base, or an insignificant person garage band just looking for a break.

What is a Press Kit:

First of all, there is nobody magical about the term "press kit". All we are chatting about is a barely credentials on you/your band, some basic facts, good speech marks about your music, a duo of good pictures, and a experiment of your music. You will use this to send to newspapers, lawyers, radio stations, A&R reps, promoters, and anybody else who is eager to spend five log reviewing your material. Additionally, on the internet you will hear about an electronic press kit, or EPS. An EPS is the exact same thing as a normal press kit, but it is downloadable as an electronic file in its place of a hardcopy form which must be mailed.

The main drive of the press kit is to cause appeal in the dancer and their music.

What to include:

Include a inadequate quantity of credentials in rank on yourself. It is fine to say where you are from, but no one certainly wants to hear about every singing act you did all through elementary school. At times less is more.

Talk about your music. Who do you sound like, and who does your music prompt ancestors of. The bookworm needs to be able to have a good idea of what your music sounds like just from your description. Be brooding and feel free to be a barely funny here (but stay professional). Adage a bit like your band sounds like a cross among "Maroon 5 and Green Day after 20 cups of coffee" helps the bookworm understand. Remember, if you don't breed an adequate amount activity in the first minute, they will never snoop to your demo.

Talk about what you are good at. What makes your band exclusive and altered from others? What skills and experiences do you bring to the table? Bring to mind if you are looking for a background deal, you need to prove to your booklover that you have all the right ingredients for them to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars marketing you. Launching a new actor is risky, so you need to help the album exec absorb why you are a solid investment.

Include speech marks and/or press split ends as you engender them. A good quote from a decent font (not your brother-in-law) can add a lot of credibility to your press kit. It lets the booklover know that you have before now been reviewed and your background is worth listening to. Ninety percent of press kits regrettably end up in the trash, some good quotation marks and affirmative reviews can coin the momentum crucial to get heard, and who knows - maybe even befit famous.

You can go with one page devoted to a bio (biography), and a branch out page paying attention on speech marks about your music, or you can association the two into what some colonize call a "one pager". My not public inclination is to boil all down to a tight one pager. My desk gets chaotic and identification get separated. If you have you speech marks break away from your bio, there is a likelihood that I could misplace one or the other. With the dawn of digital camera work and high characteristic color printers, it is even achievable to add in a small conceive of on your one pager to make it even more complete.

Make sure the by and large foreign language and tone of the press kit is dependable with your image. If you have a big shot help you write your bio, make sure they have heard you music and know what you are all about ahead of they hand you a little that might sound great, but isn't about the real you.

Include a fasten of atypical 8x10 movies that show off another skin tone about you and your band. Bring in shots that would be fitting in a news article, but also highlight your key assets from a visual perspective. Your press kit be supposed to look professional, but your films be supposed to chew on your style and music, so you films can be much more crazy and creative. Make sure you evidently label the conjure up with you name and acquaintance information.

If you don't have good films of your band, one of the best ways to get some is to go to a modeling action and ask for a recommendation to a good local photographer. These photographers are often disposed to do some great work for about $300 for the whole package. Make sure you get an accord honest that you own the copyrights after the shot and get the high decree digital similes on CD (with a copyright delivery you can print these photos at any major retailer). A photographer who does work with models is very another from a photographer who takes category pictures. They have a much advance idea of what you want, they will further your creativity, and they are much more enthusiastic to give you the copyrights.

A existing gig sheet can also be constructive performance where you have a moment ago played and where you are live in the near future. This can establish that the music is contemporary and has a next in the community.

And of course, your music. Send a high condition CD demo, first mastered if you financial plan permits. Avoid burning your own CD on your home mainframe with a stick on label - it looks cheap. There are many new CD duplication armed forces on the internet that will manufacture you CD with a on paper color insert, and on disc printing even if you only want a few copies (CD duplication is for batches over 1,000 but CD duplication is for batch sizes as small as 1). Anticipate to pay about $5 a retail ready disc for 1-5 CDs, with prices plummeting off for bigger batches. Make sure you obviously label the CD and the case with you name and commerce information. The worst thing in the world that could come about is that they love your music, but they have by now lost the rest of the press kit and don't consider the name of the band.

What Not to Include:

Don't oversell yourself. Aphorism that you are the maximum band that ever lived, might be true, but it doubtless isn't. Be activist and promote yourself, but focus on statements that are credible. Colonize in the music affair hear hype all of the time, and for the most part are numb to it. Hype is good to use with the common civic on equipment like posters (they often have faith in it), but your press kit person who reads is more classy and will see it as cheap theatrics.

Including too much of your not public account can make you seem like an amateur with nil meatier to talk about. Your booklover wants to appreciate your music today, only your psychologist needs to know about every hardly aspect of your childhood.

Don't bring in whatever thing that makes you look too desperate. You want to come crossways as a characteristic expert artist. Remember, you make great music. If your band is called the Chicken Heads, then it might be cute to bring in a rubber chicken in the box, but if not I would stick to the basics - bio, quotes, gig sheet, pictures, and music.

How to Embalm It:

Include a expert looking, made to order cover dispatch besieged at the character you are distribution the press kit to. Your implication needs to be altered if you are distribution it to an A&R rep at a label looking for a album deal, versus distribution it to your local newspaper for a appraise in their music section. Be brief and to the point. Also, be clear and state faithfully what you would like from them.

Put it all as one in an ordered package. Since you are most liable mailing your press kits, make sure that the CD does not bend the photos, and that your kit will come looking the way you intend. You may even want to test a press kit (send it crosswise the kingdom to a wrong address, and then it will come back to your arrival address) to evaluate your packaging.

Your Music Is Art, But Your Press Kit Is Business:

Remember, be professional. The character you are conveyance this press kit to maybe gets hundreds of them, most of them are nonsense (and that's where they end up too). Your music can be crazy and wild, but your press kit needs to be more commerce like. You are asking a big shot to spend their costly time reviewing your material. You may also be asking them to enter into a high risk exclusive pecuniary connection with you. The being you are production with is in the music business, they need to make a living. The only way they can do that is to deal with real talent. By presenting a certified embalm you give them confidence that you are enthusiastic to building great music, and not just messing around.

A Word About Unsolicited Press Kits:

Avoid assassination your time and money carriage a press kit to a big cheese you have not talked with already. Constantly call and make call first, ask who you ought to send it to and what their deal with is. If possible, have a big shot who knows the anyone act as an intermediate and make the first establishment (this can work wonders). The music affair is all about contacts, conceive and control your network. After transfer your press kit, call in a combine of weeks and be a consequence up to make sure they customary it and got a accidental to appraisal it.


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Scott Richards is the leader of an autonomous best label, 3JVL Productions, Inc.

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