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About a year ago I read a aspect story in the Wall Lane Journal. It was about a new trend -- baby showers that were being fearful for grandmothers.

The commentary was excessive -- newsy, entertaining and informative. It was subsequently featured as a reprint in my local newspaper, and I'm sure in many other newspapers.

I consider assessment (of course, being in the media hype business, this is the kind of stuff I think about) that this was a prime exemplar of the class of stories in the Wall Lane Journal, and a major aim for the popularity of this newspaper.

As a long-time booklover of the Wall Road Journal (I was necessary to subscribe to it in seminary as a Finance Major), I am very accustomed with the publication. And it allows me to pitch stories better, as I know the types of stories that are covered.

When clients tell me they want to be on Oprah, I ask them, "Have you watched Oprah lately?" Nine out of 10 say no.

My point is this: If you exceedingly want to have a great attempt at in receipt of coverage in a definite media outlet, you must be certainly comfortable with that outlet. As the reader, or listener, or viewer, you are in a exceptional attitude to appreciate what you like and don't like. And the media associates will acknowledge the fact that you are plunging them a story that their addressees will be concerned in.

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