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If you're like most of my clients, you're almost certainly concerned in in receipt of the media to cover the sensation of your business. These "business accomplishment stories" can be used for coming marketing labors -- counting reprints of the story in your marketing supplies or on your Web site, or framing the critique and execution it in your office.

Well, I'm all for that, of course.

But . . . did you know that the media is often more engrossed in the story at the back the story -- not automatically a banner affair profile?

What do I mean by the "story at the back of the story"?

Sometimes it means the aim why you happening the affair in the first place. Often, this is more attractive to the media's listeners than the commerce itself. For example, my client, Christine King of Get Fit! Functional Ability Studios, was the area of interest of a Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel Sunday Appropriateness Profile, not so much since she was the owner of a appropriateness studio, but as she was in an bump years ago that left her for the moment paralyzed, and she used functional aptness moves to recover herself. This led her to leave her corporate job and start a functional appropriateness studio.

Another "story at the back the story" might be a major event that catapulted your commerce to incredible success. Some magazines, such as Destiny Small Business, have a common article on that subject. Local newspapers also often run these types of articles. For instance, client Lori Karmel of We Take the Cake was featured in a current Monday South Florida Sun-Sentinel Small Affair Profile in the Affair Section. The main theme of the story was how her arrival on last November's Oprah Winfrey Show, in which she was featured gift one of Oprah's Beloved Belongings (the company's Key Lime Bundt Cake), helped We Take the Cake's sales skyrocket.

Another type of "story at the back of the story" is how you or your circle helped a further business develop into successful. This was the area under discussion of a contemporary "Case Study" attribute for client Bob Earn in the Wall Boulevard Journal. A client of Bob's told how Bob's trade show presentation had amplified the client's trade show ROI significantly.

If you're wondering if these types of stories are as helpful as pure affair profiles, the key is a categorical YES! Here's why:

1. These stories are often more appealing to readers and viewers, so the interview understands more of the story about you, which leads to beat withholding of your company's goods and/or services.

2. These stories often incorporate a great deal of your ballet company information, often in a very becoming way.

3. These stories show a assorted side of you and your big business that is often hard to express to others.

So if the media is engrossed in the "story at the back of the story", eagerly clinch the idea. It may very well lead to your best, and most effective, hype coverage ever!

Copyright 2005 Margie Fisher All Human rights Reserved

Margie Fisher is Head of Margie Fisher Community Relations. She is also the cause of the Do-It-Yourself Broadcast Relations Kit?. To sign up for her free biweekly Doable P. R. newsletter, and to see more free articles, visit http://www. margiefisher. com


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