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What may be the more correct distrust is: What makes a story out of the ordinary adequate to get selected up by the media? Here are a few rules of thumb to agree on if you have a news angle creditable of press coverage.

First, is the branch of learning important to anybody beyond of your organization? For example, if your firm is announcing changes to the worker healthiness plan, that's exciting of coverage in the circle newsletter but not typically for the mainstream press.

Timeliness is also a factor. No one wants to hear about a touch that happened a year ago, or even a month ago. The media want fresh ideas and infringement news.

Generally, the media won't cover the same story twice. If your band has before now received coverage for a actual event, area of interest or product, the media won't write about it again - if not there's a whole new angle to explore. If there's a new twist to the story, a new development, a trend emerging as a answer of the earliest story, new facts, findings, or consequence enhancements, then it may be news all over again.

If, using these all-purpose guidelines, you're appealing sure you have news to share, there's still the odds that it won't get singled out up. Don't get discouraged. Instead, befall conscientious about appraisal the publication(s) where you'd like to get coverage to get a feel for the types of stories enclosed and what assorted the media are copy about. You'll be beat positioned so that the next time you have a story idea to share, you'll know who to contact, and that the "news" meets the publication's needs.

Sally Saville Hodge is head of Hodge Communications, Inc. (http://www. hodgecommunications. com), a strategic PR and marketing data lines firm in Chicago. She can be reached at shodge@hodgecommunications. com.


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