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One of the most misunderstood and most underutilized promotional tools accessible to small businesses and organizations is FREE PUBLICITY.

Every business, no be important how large or small, can actually use free media hype to enhance its image, augment sales and profits, engender sales leads, increase distribution, and promote consumer goodwill. All of these remuneration can be gained for naught more than a small investment ot time, paper, envelopes, and postage. And. . . with the adding of new e-mail based media circulate services. . . even the paper, envelopes and postage can be eliminated.

Most new businesses start out on the memorable shoestring budget. There never seems to be a sufficient amount money free to do looked-for advertising.

Professional marketing assistance seems like an unaffordable dream, and there is all the time "one more piece of equipment" that needs to be purchased.

Add-in other concerns, and it's no amaze that marketing and promotion end up last on the long list of perceived needs. They be supposed to be among the first!

A well-executed and on-going media hype code can dramatically better your likelihood of achievement in the marketplace. Anything you want to accomplish promotionally. . . you'll accomplish it closer and less lavishly with a acquaintance of the media hype game. You can create high volumes of passage to your web site, augment address sales, breed capable sales leads, shorten your promotion cycle, enhance your image, and boost your cash flow, with free publicity!

Free publicty is the complete promotional tool for start-up companies. Why? For the reason that it's:

==> cheap. . .

==> & available.

While I can't make an connoisseur publicist out of you in one short article, I will give you the basic tools you need to get on track with your own media hype curriculum and a reserve list to allow you to increase your hit and build your comprehension base. Let's get started. . .


Publicity is NEWS. News about your company, its goods or services, its personnel, etc. Something that has a legitimate news angle will almost certainly find a come to of editors eager to announce it for you. . . free.

Why are editors enthusiastic to do this? It's their job! Editors are electric with the accountability of contents up page after page of space or, (in the case of radio or television, action of time) with in a row that is judicious and beneficial to their readers or listening/viewing audience. Theirs is a arduous task, performed under the continuous bulldoze of deadlines. Your news announcement helps editors do their job.

It's important, however, to differentiate a legitimate news story from what must be paid advertising.

To acomplish this, editors typically ask themselves two questions when appraisal your press release:

* Who cares?

* Who before now knows?

If the come back with to the first distrust is "a large add up to of my readers or listeners", and the counter to the back difficulty is "very few", then your delivery stands an first-rate attempt of publication.

Remembering the old axiom of "Nothing is older than yesterdays news", it also becomes clear that your news delivery must be timely. In other words, the news must, in fact, be new.


The belief tools of advertising are:

* News Release

* Press Kit

* Press Conference

* Appear Story

* Lettering to the Editor

* Media Lists/Selection

The news delivery is the most convenient (and most used) form of communicating news to the media. When coupled with a well-selected media list, the clean news circulate is a very authoritative tool that you can start using today.


Your delivery (news story) ought to typed, double-spaced, with wide margins on one side of 81/2" x 11" plain white paper (or letterhead). Never hand-write a news release.

Keep it simple. Be a consequence the banner news story arrangement of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How, and you can't go wrong. Use clear-cut sentences (seven words or less). Use short paragraphs (seven sentences or less).

Use as many austere single-syllable words as possible. Remember, you're frustrating to convey news. . . not impress William F. Buckley. Omit the superlatives. Words such as best, greatest, finest, unique, one-of-a-kind, and chief attribute don't go in news releases.

Don't say whatever thing you can't back up with facts.

Your news delivery will by and large fit on one sheet of paper. . . rarely more than two. If you have more than 400 to 500 words (roughly two pages of double-spaced copy), you be supposed to maybe alteration the release.

If necessary, editors will cut your delivery to fit obtainable space. Your story will be cut from the base up, so make sure you tell the most critical minutiae in the first part or two.

The editor has no obligation to run your news release. Your delivery will be judged on it's own merits. If it meets the principles of publication. . . (Who Cares?--Who Knows?), and space is available, your announce will maybe be published.

You ought to keep in mind that one of your long-term goals is good media relations. Accordingly, you be supposed to never find fault to an editor if he or she does not use a actual release. Keep submitting good releases, and you'll get your share of free space.


Savvy media hype seekers make sure that their news releases look professional. The subsequent blueprint formula will serve you well: Make a distinctive form with the course "NEWS RELEASE" highly on paper at the top, along with your circle name and address.

In the upper left bend print "FOR Bonus INFORMATION:". Fill in the correct associate in a row and telephone, fax, e-mail, url, etc.

Drop down three lines and print "FOR Burning RELEASE" next to the right hand margin.

Drop down two inches and type your story headline in all center letters.

Drop down three chairs and begin the body copy of your announce at the left-hand margin as follows: "(Your Town, State--Date)"xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx. . . "

End your announce by centering "(-----30-----)" or "(----end----)" three or four lines after the last line of the story.


The slant of your news story will dictate the media selection. If you are a local merchant plateful a narrow goegraphical area, your media list will consist of all of the apt newspapers, radio stations, box stations, magazines, cooperation web sites, etc. plateful your promote area. Your announce would be in black and white to a common consumer audience.

On the other hand, if you are a small manufacturer advertising expert tackle nationally, your media list would be under attack to business trade publications, newsletters, trade associations, and other applicable trade outlets and big business media. Your circulate would be printed for a more listening carefully addressees of end users and trade press editors (in the hope of a feasible aspect article).

In all cases, releases must be adapted to the aim interview so that the editor will at once see the news value to his or her readers or listeners.


There are now numerous means of circulation of your news release: (1) Common Mail, (2) Electronic Mail (e-mail), (3)Fax, 4. Distribution Services. You can get f`ree delivery online at www. PRWeb. com. You might want to do a explore online using the couch "free news announcement distribution".

If mailed, continually mail your news releases by first class mail. Adopt them, every time possible, to the editor. . . by name. If you don't know the editor's name, check the publications masthead or call the journal and ask. You may also want to check in progress media guides (see "Resources") at your local library. . . usually found in the good word section.

A word of caution. Media ancestors adjust jobs often, and media guides may not be up-to-date.

If you are not capable to classify the appropriate person, you can easily mail to "Editor", but this is the least advantageous alternative.


What is the key to being actual with a advertising program? Start using the skills you have just learned. . . right NOW! Don't worry if you feel a a variety of lack of confidence. You'll only gain confidence by copy a few news releases an distributing them. You'll be amazed at how easy it becomes once you've on paper a few.

If you consistently turn out at least one good news story each and every week, you'll in all probability have to amplify your trips to the bank to deposit the better sales and profits that come your way all through FREE PUBLICITY!

© Copyright 2005 Thom Reece

Thom Reece is CEO of Online Marketing Reserve Axis [http://www. E-ComProfits. com] and publisher of "Thom Reece's Web Marketing Strategies & Techniques Newsletter". You may subscribe free at: http://www. WMSTDirect. com, mailto:thom@e-comprofits. com


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