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Think for a moment! If you were to do a business, profession or a job that you loved, a little that was a passion, you careful worth doing, one that gave you joy; would you ever think early retirement or rush home early from work? 'Doubtful' is a certainty, to say the least!

A few years ago, I maybe drifted crossways a book aristocratic 'To Sail Away from the Sunset' in which Robert Heinlein's character, Jubal Harshaw, said a little that left a lasting depression on me, and ergo, naturally, on the way I look at life. Jubal says "Happiness lies in being privileged to work hard for long hours in doing at all you think is worth doing. One man may find happiness in sustaining a wife and children. And an added may find it in robbing banks. Still an added may labor extremely for years in pursuing pure examine with no evident results. "

"Note the characteristic and subjective characteristics of each case. No two are alike and there is no basis to count on them to be. Each man or woman must find for himself or herself that occupation in which hard work and long hours make him or her happy. Contrariwise, if you are looking for shorter hours and longer vacations and early retirement, you are in the wrong job. Maybe you need to take up bank robbing. Or geeking in a sideshow. Or even politics. "

So I complete on Community Relations. Not already carrying out a range of stints industry in chemicals, stocks, exporting saddlery (would you believe?), and at last PR. But then, this clause is not about me, its about The Non-business Business.

What is it that PR provided that the innumerable of other professions could not? What was I looking for, that was also the examination of every Jubal?

I began big business in chemicals as I was a Substance Coax and I belief it came artlessly to me. So it did, I tacit the workings of the area of interest and also liked it, but it was monotonous, repetitive and mandatory a small amount else than the skill of a door-to-door salesman (not that I think that's an easy job at all though, only that I was not cut out to ringing doorbells!).

Then, with an challenge to bring back the excitement that was not there in the first commerce venture, and for the reason that of my appeal in Finance I looked at the ever changing, dynamic and exciting world of stocks. Enter Stock Broking. The new age, online stock exchanges in India had just happening and it essential both expertise and agreement to be able to adviser deals. Soon the commerce was grasped and volumes at our counters soared. But evenly soon I realized all you looked-for to do to be a agent of stocks was a good come to of contacts, a skill to appreciate what the advertise activities meant and to counsel based on your collective understanding, added with a good dose of instinct.

Despite economic success, I had not found the profession I exceedingly sought to pursue. I then twisted to my childhood love for horses. I have constantly loved the beast and am passionate about the lot to do with the animal. I migrated to a city which focused in assembly saddlery for horses. For three years my everyday would be the same. I would cautiously choose the leather which would be used for the horse riding equipment, have the additions for the saddles face-to-face designed, and have my contractors craft brilliant equipments for riding the even more brilliant horses. Sadly, in all my years with the business, the only time I sat on a load was when it was sited on a hard horse (a inexpressive piece on which we used to fit the saddle). My love for farm animals was too beefy for me to go on a little that was so near, and yet so far from the magnificent equine.

So, I was hunting for my dream profession yet again. After one brief stint with a dotcom, I established onto PR, which is essentially the business of this story. I have been here for the last 6 years and to say the least, I can certainly carry on for a few decades more in the same profession. I stay back late nights, come back early morning, think about the clients big business even when I am eating, swim or (perhaps!) sleeping. I love what I do. It excites me, and I acutely think our club will make a alteration to this world and I before now am of the firm belief that we are assembly a hefty change to our clients (otherwise, they would'nt be there with our business as clients, right?). We consult our clients on their business, how to make it beat and how they can make a differentiation in the world - to me, that sounds very exciting.

When I analyzed my life maintenance Jubal's announcement in mind, I saw by means of what it was that made a profession absolutely satisfying. I saw what made one love what one does (or not, as the case may be). And, trust me, I have been all the way through an adequate amount of professions to know.

In most cases, professions are made by accidents. Approximately everyone, other than the lucky few, has suffered (or is suffering!) the ill-advise of friend, uncle or parent. You have a great hope as a doctor, engineer, or stockbroker, says a father's friend, diminutive realizing what your real passion is. Else, a big shot knows of your passion for archeology, but a small amount realizes that what kind of life a authority archeologist leads. The instances are too many to even effort to think about.

So what do you do? Continually keep your eyes & ears open and absorb every thing that comes your way. The whole lot has a purpose, and when that one thing that comes your way, it could befit the determination for your life. Stay tuned to all channels and be converted into a sponge. Then there are down-to-earth rules that help you find your right profession. And from here on, you only stay in the same profession if the key to every difficulty is a big YES.

20 year rule: You keep analyzing your profession anti manually and ask if there is a fit and do you see physically doing this very thing 20 years from now.

12 hour rule: The next step is comparatively easy. Ask physically if you can do that thing you do; stock broking, astrology or reduction rhinos in Africa, most days of your life, for 10 to 12 hours each day, with only brief breaks in between.

Pride Rule: Do you feel good about what you do? Does what you do make you feel proud? Do the ancestors who be of importance to you actually feel proud about what you do? Would you feel great decisive a accomplished stranger (or your adjoining relative!) what you do? You may run a Laundromat or be under your own steam dogs; the ask is the same.

Rule of Passion: Can you feel your skin prickle with excitement when you talk of your job/profession? Can you pass on your excitement to others? Do others come to you for assistance on analogous jobs?

Rule of Good: This is a clear-cut rule that asks, Do you think that good belongings come to pass as a effect of what you do? Is Good a main effect or is it a by-product of your affair or job? Just to clear up the air a bit, if Good is the main creation it is a activist sign and as a by-product means you must start hunting again.

N. Chandramouli is the CEO of Blue Lotus Contacts Consultancy, one of the best ever budding PR agencies in India. Located in Mumbai, the activity has an countryside wide presence. The acquaintance motivated action has many countrywide and intercontinental brands in areas of Technology, Finance, Health, Edification & Assotiations & not-for-profit forums. Chandramouli is an Engineer-MBA with over 16 years of come into contact with in a mixture of professions.

Blue Lotus now employs about 50 consultants crossways its offices and projects a advance of Rs. 500 mn by March 2006.


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