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In earlier articles for marketing-minded pecuniary planners, I've discussed what to say to a reporter over the telephone.

However, if you are phone-shy or time-challenged, it's advance to send an email than to do nothing.

Many journalists favor e-mail anyway, so use it. Call the media channel or check its staff citation to get the reporter's email address. Every so often the media email addresses are at the base of their clause in the newspaper-or coupled to in the online account of the outlet. It's not often a secret.

Again, offer applied story ideas - one or two max per e-mail. Go over your best story idea in the 'subject' line of the email.

Be specific. In fact, spend as much time composing that business line as you do the total body of your message. It's that important.

Reporters get dozens of emails per day, and struggle with spam just like the rest of us, so make sure that your email doesn't look like spam. Avoid any words (you know what they are) that would be apt to set off a spam blocker.

And never, ever send a reporter an attachment of any kind. Many news organizations, afraid that their technically unsavvy staff will commence a virus, avoid staff from in receipt of attachments. As a rule they accomplish this by deleting the whole email.

If you want your email to be read, consist of a compelling business line, and no attachment.

Ned Steele works with citizens in expert military who want to build their carry out and accelerate their growth. The head of Ned Steele's MediaImpact, he is the cause of 102 Exposure Tips To Grow a Affair or Practice. To learn more visit http://www. MediaImpact. biz or call 212-243-8383.


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