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In my travels about the kingdom while house my affair I have had the pleasure of conference some of the best commune volunteers in our nation. I never missed an break to meet cooperation leaders and learn all I could about every bazaar my ballet company franchised in. One event in exact was a standout; the Austin's Yearly Aid Event with KVET.

Part of my mission announcement in my band was continually to give back to the communities we serve and to be a cooperation based company. I urge all affair entrepreneurs to think like this. We are constantly attracted in ways we can help the communities that our team serves. It is for that analyze I coupled 10's of thousands of others in the Austin Aid organization Event. When Leader Bush recommended that all American's put in their 2000 hours, that was not lip service, he meant it. So when we found out that KVET of Austin, Texas and the Upland Mall were putting on this event, we certain to find out which charities were their to catch the many Texans who came to volunteer their time and what our local franchisee could do to help, how we might offer our air force or time to help the community.

I hunted to face-to-face thank the Curriculum Chief at KVET, a Canal Connections Location and M. Darlene Corum the Retail Marketing Director for Flat terrain Mall in Austin for organizing an event, which every distinct convergence in the homeland ought to put on at least twice per year. Who was there; all the local charities, which serve the commune day in and day out. As many know funds are in short bring in now as the belt-tightening exercise has not fully here at its actual strength, there is less money to go around.

We talked with some of the most potentially devastating issues of the near forthcoming with the broaden of AIDS and other considerable illnesses. There on hand was a very clued-up group of associates with Interfaith Care Alliance. We talked with Lavender Leos, the Area Reserve Boss for the Austin Girl Scouts and volunteered our car wash fundraiser services. We made sure to point out that we did not want to put back their digit one fundraiser The Delicious Girl Scouts Cookies (especially Chocolate Mints), but if they desirable help in a car wash fundraiser to give us a call since I run a carwash business.

Other General Organizations with big local Austin demonstration were the Salvation Army, all the time out in force at some stage in the holidays, The United Way promoting their recurring Angel Tree, United States Nautical Corp's "Toys for Tots" course and Safe Place for domestic violence and sexual abuse victims. Our ballet company has been committed with the Safe Place groups in AZ and NV.

We were very happy to see the Austin State School, which helps mentally retarded adults in training, collective air force and health care, this is so central that we do not disregard them in our society. Also next to them was the Austin Children's Shelter, which provides crisis shelter and high characteristic care and a hope for the hope for our abandoned kids in the Austin Community. Dialogue of Kids, a great curriculum called Insure-a-Kid was award ration kids who need fitness care insurance, and we would face-to-face like to thank Michael Dell, Creator of Dell Computers for his exceptionally committed role in being paid this one off the ground. This is an incredible curriculum and it is our belief this must be duplicated whoever possible, great program, good ancestors and motivating story of leadership and imagination in the midst of adversity, WOW.

Children's Sponsorship Base was there discussion about what is being done about a bit no one wants to talk about, child abuse cases and it's achieve on kids. Very heavy area of interest and exceptionally committed people, a real tear jerker and they are there for the kids and were actively recruiting volunteers and promoting awareness.

Real everyday children issues were there in force also, including; Literacy Austin, credo colonize to read, write and speak English; Live in the Game, on condition that fifth grade girls with adult female mentors; RIF-Reading Is Fundamental, motivating kids to read books; and Capitol Area Destitute Alliance, a day shelter for the destitute and yes the Bush's have volunteered to work in the food lines beforehand and the ancestors there made it clear Austin is considerable about find the basic means to help those citizens on the road transition into both employment and housing. Also on scene was Lone Star Equine Rescue, which helps better the lives of equines all through Texas and close states.

We would like to tell every one how great it was to see Americans sign up to volunteer and do their part, to put in their 2000 hours. And we too felt proud volunteering our team to car wash fundraisers to help the kids groups. We are all in this together; we ought to never fail to remember that. I urge every American and every small affair model to seek out ways you can give back to your city or town and promote an ownership type community. You will be important by illustration and doing what's right for the betterment of mankind and the hope of your community. Volunteer and even if your town does not have such an awe-inspiring event, seek out ways to help. Maybe you can classify all the non-profit ceremony clubs in your town and get others to volunteer too. Think on it.

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