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Product/service hype is the arterial highway to affair sensation all and sundry dreams. Then assume having your product/service printed on newspapers, trade publications, aired on radio and viewed on tube categorically for free!!! That's going to missile your profit aim at only if you know how to use the best logic of being paid free publicity.

The million-dollar cast doubt on now is, what's the best fashion for a free publicity? It is the PRESS or NEWS RELEASE. The acquaintance about how it works is the key to your success. This comprehension depends completely on how you be au fait with the psychology of the editors and new directors that bring out or air your press release. This commentary will show you how their psychology works and how best to manipulate them for your benefits.

Number one. These editors and news directors are very busy people. Don't disconcert them with your trials and evils or your plans for the future. They are only fascinated in amazing new and profitable to their readers or viewers. So the rule here is to sell him first. Assure him that your big business fills a need to his readers, addressees or listeners. Then your press delivery will be welcomed.

Number two. Editors and news directors move with the trend. They alarm themselves more with existing issues and events. So timing of your press announcement with in progress news procedures is an central factor. For case a story on job suspend and better unemployment agreed out on newspapers, on TV and radio be supposed to encourage you to get a advertising delivery out to all the media on help and occasion obtainable by your product/service.

Another kind of timing to keep in mind is publication. For Articles you'd like to arrive in the Sunday paper, you'll in general have your announcement in at least nine days prior to the date of publication.

Number three. Media men be grateful for polite gestures. When an editor uses your media hype release, constantly follow-up with a custom-made "thank you" note. Next time you send out your exposure circulate with others, his more liable to pick yours. If he doesn't use your exposure release, never call him demanding to know why he didn't use it or only gave you a mention. Do this once, that exact media will "round file" my added bits and pieces customary from you, unopened! If your first attempt is not used, alter the story, perchance write it form a another angle and try again and again.

Number four. They be conscious of a ceremonial press release. As a final point you need an concrete exposure announcement that's well in print and estimated to be used by the media. It must be typed, bend in half spaced, and short (1/2 page total length). About an inch from the top of the paper, with an inch and half margin on the side of the paper; from the left hand margin, type in first city letters: PRESS RELEASE. Then, underline this word. Closely next the colon, in small lettering put the date. Note to put the date forward, at least one day after you anticipate to mail the release.

On the same line, but on the right hand side of the page, all in assets letters, FOR Advance INFORMATION: underline it, and as soon as below type your name, your phone come to and your attend to all in small letters.

Skip a combine of spaces, then in funds letters-centered among the margin type story headline, and underline it? skip a connect of spaces, and from the left margin, all in center letters, type the words, FOR Close RELEASE: from there on, it's the news or exposure story itself.

Use these four basic psychologies of the media men and enjoy a free magazine of your product/service always.

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Am Emma Okafor,an online marketplace researcher and writer.

http://bizacumen. 8k. com

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