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Got a huge need for media hype and a tiny exposure budget? You don't need to have a Madison Avenue-sized marketing finances to make your name known.

Here are five ideas to help you promote your company:

1. Write a column. Go to a local paper, no be relevant how small, and offer to write a editorial on your area of expertise or on affair in general. Don't ask to be paid for it, and agree not to promote your company. You won't need to-your byline, words (and maybe even photograph) will do that.

2. Speak up. Make by hand obtainable to talk to every civic, affair and instructive group that will have you. Stress your expertise, and, as with the column, never try to sell anything-except your reputation as a knowledgeable, dependable professional.

3. Write notes. Add in a one- or two-line own idea with every piece of journalism you send out. You can even write it on the material. This tactic helps customers see the character after the company.

4. Be a joiner. Get complex in trade associations. You may spend a lot of time with competitors, but it's a way to let associates know you're out there, and it will offer you opportunities to sell. In addition, be sure to join networking groups, and local convergence groups.

5. Be a sponsor. A few hundred dollars gets your circle name on Barely League caps; a a small amount more, maybe an ad at a wave rink. Donate money or resources to the local parade or a float. This buys amity and is great self-promotion.

So start revving up your hype crusade today!

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