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13 media hype ideas for retailers - pr


If you're difficult to promote your store, but you don't have a big publicity budget, relax. There are lots of ways to get in front of the interview you want to reach by using free publicity. Here are tips that will boost your hype labors and help you at last get noticed.

1. Tie your story ideas to the holidays. Here are some examples: Epicurean gift baskets that make the best Christmas gifts. Bookstores that are doing exceptional programs that tie into Mother's Day. Physical condition food provisions that can account for how to conceive a vegetarian meal for Thanksgiving.

2. Call the promotion area of every newspaper and magazine you want to get into and ask for a copy of their editorial calendar. It's a free inventory of all the elite topics and exclusive sections appearance up at some stage in the calendar year. It will tip you off to sections where your story idea would be a good fit, so you can query the editor weeks and even months ahead.

3. Ask a reporter from your local newspaper or magazine for brunette or lunch. As an alternative of asking, "Will you write about me?" a beat difficulty is "How can I help you?" Offer physically as a source in your area of expertise. Talk about trends you are bearing in mind in your store.

4. Care about first your own tv show on your cable TV station's commune admittance channel. A flowery shop can do a agenda on how to build dried flower arrangements. The locate can rent you the camera paraphernalia for a nominal fee. Air time is free. Bring into being one show or an complete chain of programs. Call your cable band for details.

5. Build a arrangement of other retailers in your area. Agree informally that you will refer correspondents to each other at any time they call and want your views on a topic on which you all could comment, such as a new sales tax increase.

6. Write how-to articles such as this one for newsletters in print by groups in your community, or for newsletters read by audiences who buy your goods or services. Be sure the last clause tells readers how to associate you.

7. Don't disregard newspaper and magazine columnists. They're at all times hungry for fresh ideas. Keep in touch with them and feed them ideas regularly.

8. Get on your local TV news and the break of day TV news article shows. Tie your product, service, cause or issue to a flouting news event. Pitch manually as the local angle to a inhabitant story. Or bring to mind a appear story with great visuals.

9. Write articles for electronic magazines and comprise a clause of in rank at the end that leads readers to your web site.

10. Commerce your trade connection and ask them to refer journalists to you. Many newspapers who don't know where to find sources on a exact topic start by passion trade associations.

11. All the time refer to by hand as an "expert" in your marketing materials, at your web site, in in order that explains your workshops, in your introductions at some stage in community communication engagements, and in your media kit. The media all the time seek out experts and interview them.

12. Pitch stories about your product, service, cause or issue that tie into the weather. Coarsen stories are mandatory at most media outlets, and newspapers and TV stations, in particular, are all the time looking for fresh angles that tie into today's and tomorrow's forecast.

13. Pitch story ideas about your commerce to the reporter who covers the retail beat for your local big business journal or commerce magazine.

Joan Stewart, a. k. a. The Advertising Hound, shows you how to use the media to begin your credibility, enhance your reputation, sell more foodstuffs and services, promote a darling cause or issue, and arrange manually as an employer of choice. She publishes "The Media hype Hound's Tips of the Week," a free ezine on how to engender thousands of dollars in free publicity. Subscribe at http://www. PublicityHound. com and collect by email the free checklist "89 Reasons to Send a News Release. "


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