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Imagine you're the equipment reporter at a daily newspaper. You learn that a new central processing unit virus is building the rounds on the Net and you find that it has shut down three local banks surrounded by the past few hours. You're desperately penetrating for in order on the virus, names and phone information of experts who can tell you about it, ways to avoid the virus from spreading, how to destroy the virus and darning the destruction to computers, and a talking head from at least one of the banks so you can get a quote for your critique -- all beforehand 5 PM so you can write the story that will act on tomorrow's front page. Whew!

I'll bet you're atmosphere a bit exhausted and impatient. Where would you start?

Right. You'll look in your folder for a local laptop practiced to help you appreciate the scope of the problem, the destruction anticipated and how to fix it.

You call the first one. No answer. You don't have a cell phone number. So you call the next expert. She's not in her administrative center but you call her cell phone and she answers. You get most of the in sequence you need and quite a few website references to look up the rest. This woman is a saint!

Now that you absorb the problem, you call Bank #1, but you can't get because of to anybody apart from the receptionist, and she's not helpful. You call Bank #2 and the head takes your call but says, "No comment. " You secretly think she's an idiot and vow never to talk to her again.

You call Bank #3 and the marketing administrator is very helpful. He begins with, "How can I help you?" and then gives you a brief abstract of the situation, offers to set up a conference in the next few action with the head and the bank's IT director. "In the meantime," says Mr. Marketing Director, "please take a look at our website. Our Media Room is up-to-date. There you'll find bios and photos of our president, Mr. Boss, and our IT director, Mr. Whizkid. The photos are in a choice of sizes, downloadable and apposite for printing. There's also a copy of our last once a year report, in rank about our locations and come to of employees, and much more that might be beneficial to your story. "

You go to the website. It's very easy to direct and you find the lot you need to absolute your story. Now all you need are a fasten of good quotation marks and you're done. The interview goes off devoid of a hitch. All is open and honest. You get great quotes.

Now you have all the in rank you need and bring to an end the story in time to have a drink after work with your friends. You tell them about the excellent marketing administrator at Bank #3, saying, "I love that man. "

Now step out of the reporter's shoes and think about your company. If you were actually in this situation, you'd like to be Bank #3, wouldn't you? What does your Media Room look like? Do you have all you need there? Is it easy to navigate? To find out what you ought to include, read "Does Your Media Room Rock?" here: http://ezinearticles. com/?Make-Sure-Your-Media-Room-Rocks&id=2045

Lois Delivery service Fay, APR, is a 30-year old hand in the P. R. and marketing field. She works with women affair owners and small affair owners to help them advance their businesses.

She now produces three marketing ezines, Alert Tidbits, Alert Flash, and Sensation Secrets of Women Entrepreneurs. All are free. Visit http://www. MarketingIdeaShop. com or http://www. WomenMarketing. com to subscribe and claim your free exclusive report.


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