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A musician spends years honing his craft. He writes world-class songs and performs them in a approach that moves his spectators to tears. He minutes a demo tape and sends it to best labels. He gets a bond and becomes rich, eminent and adored.

The lesson: demo tapes are the classified of befitting a famous musician.

Wait, you say, the demo tape was just a tool, just his way of conveying his talent. It's his aptitude as a musician that got him the bond and made him famous.

You're right, of course. He could have befit just as celebrated if a background executive saw him in person, or heard about him from a friend, or as a conclusion of a brand of other events.

Which brings us to the press release.

Somehow, the press announcement has taken on a magical reputation as the alpha and omega of publicity. Wanna befall rich? Send out a press release. Wanna befit famous? Press release. Wanna get on the cover of Newsweek? Press release.

Publicity "gurus" are springing up all over the Internet touting the press announce as the fulfil to all marketing ills. Just knock out a release, mass e-mail it to journalists, sit back and wait for Oprah to call.

It's a cruel joke.

Here's the reality: the press circulate is no more central to your ability of scoring free exposure than the demo tape was to our musician friend. If he had no talent, if his songs sounded like garbage, the best recorded demo tape in the world wouldn't get him signed. Ditto for the hype seeker. If you don't have a story to tell, your press announce is utterly worthless.

I'm not knocking the press announce -- it's an chief tool. But it's just that: a tool. It's not the first thing you need to think about when it comes time to seek publicity. In fact, it's one of the last. And it's not even agreed de rigueur (I've gotten abundance of exposure with just a pitch letter, a quick e- mail or a phone call).

If you worship at the place of worship of the press release, it's time to rearrange your priorities. Here, then, are the clothes that are MORE critical than a press circulate in generating publicity:

1. A remarkable story. This is the alike of our musician's talent. It's the very basis for your advertising efforts. Without it, your press delivery means nothing. To learn about how to develop a remarkable story, take a look at http://publicityinsider. com/questions. asp and scroll down to "Is my company/website/life certainly newsworthy?"

2. Education to think like an editor. Oh, what an edge you'll have in scoring exposure over all those press release worshippers once you learn how to get confidential the head of an editor. Give an editor what he wants in the way he wants it and you'll do great. I've got an intact clause on the business at http://publicityinsider. com/freesecret. asp Go there now and absorb it all. Trust me, it will make a world of difference.

3. Relevance. Tie in with a news event, make by hand part of a trend, share the accomplishments on a better competitor's story, but, by all means, make your story part of a adventure that's superior than just your company. Stories that exist in a vacuum cursorily run out of oxygen.

4. Persistence. Conveyance out a press delivery and ahead of you for results is lazy and ineffective. If you exceedingly have faith in in your story, and you have faith in that it's right for a actual media outlet, you need to fight to make it happen. Call or e-mail the editor to pitch your story Ahead of distribution the release. If one editor says no, try a celebrity else. If they all say no, come back at them with a atypical story angle.

Getting media hype involves so much more than just carriage out a press release. Treat it as acutely and with as much accept as our newly minted rock star treats his craft and you'll be well on your way to success.

Bill Stoller, the "Publicity Insider", has spent two decades as one of America's top publicists. Now, all through his website, eZine and subscription newsletter, Free Publicity: The Newsletter for PR-Hungry Businesses http://www. PublicityInsider. com/freepub. asp he's division -- for the very first time -- his secrets of scoring big publicity. For free articles, killer media hype tips and much, much more, visit Bill's complete new site: http://www. PublicityInsider. com


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