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Non-news professionals often have a hard time accord why their Giant news announcement, creates barely a heave in the media.

That's not to say a news announce shouldn't be done about it. There are audiences as well the media - like employees, customers and trade allies - to whom news releases may be sent. But the media is fascinated in equipment that are altered from the norm. So, generally, bad news gets more play. Let's assay these six categories to help us develop be au fait with what the media wants.

MONEY TALKS - In an age where cash is king, fiscal matters as to your band can be big news. Mergers, acquisitions, good or bad dividend reports, new know-how that will save or make money, all are good copy. Coverage increases the more you allusion amounts and values.

TAKE THE GLOVES OFF - This class has a combine of dimensions. First, is in the arena of controversy.

Whether it's DOS adjacent to LINUX, Cable TV anti DISH, or Dial-Up aligned with Broadband, the media loves an disagreement about which average is better. If an disagreement is good, an all out war is better. Ford vs. GM, or Apple vs. IBM - those are the kinds of battles that get an editor's attention. Don't be scared to take sides.

GIVE ME A HUG - Editors even like a good love story. It could be a strategic alliance or an outright amalgamation concerning two companies. No matter, the media are interested, acutely if there are questions about the accommodating effort's ability of success.

LEADING EDGE - The rarified air where technological chronicle is made maneuverings the media. Show them concrete corroborate of how the know-how will advance belongings in the here and now, and they'll cover the story.

CARRY A BIG STICK - If your name is not GM, Microsoft, or IBM, don't worry. You can take improvement of a big brand name. Force a new agreement, alliance or business among you and one of the big boys for your benefit.

CHANGES - Reputable companies with proprietary methods like the condition quo. Shake it up a diminutive with a new coordination that changes the example and you have the early stages of a story.

The best stories will comprise a touch from each category, and then they will have major media staying power. On the odd occasion does a announcement get roofed if it centers on only one category.

For the affair media, focus your labors on MONEY TALKS and TAKE THE GLOVES OFF categories. Being paid trade media coverage typically is a barely easier. Even if the first two categories will make sure coverage, Important EDGE, CARRY A BIG STICK AND CHANGES are good adequate for some ink.

Harry Hoover is supervision principal of Hoover ink PR, http://www. hoover-ink. com. He has 26 years of come across in crafting and delivering bed line letters that make certain hit for considerable businesses like Brent Dees Economic Planning, Bray Law Firm, Levolor, New World Mortgage, North Carolina Tourism, Ty Boyd Executive Erudition Systems, VELUX and Verbatim.


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