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Have you ever heard of the saying, "One person's trash is an added person's treasure?" Well, that account is a true one, but never more so than in the realm of media relations where so many small-business owners find it so arduous to bring together media coverage for themselves or their companies. Allow me to illustrate my point below in an genuine episode that happened to one of my clients and the education we erudite from this experience.

One day a new client approached me about being paid media coverage for her company. She had tried copy and submitting press releases on her own but with diminutive luck and categorical that it was time to acquaintance a media relations company. We made an appointment to meet and we discussed her big business and brainstormed about ways in which to assured coverage in a creative and within your means way. At some stage in that business meeting and later other ones, I became very common with her big business and academic why she was so successful. But it was in a casual conversation, which had hardly to do with her business, that I cultured about the in rank that would allow me to assured news coverage for my new client.

This actual client is a visual arts designer and runs a very doing well commerce in the Midwest, but her one true passion since childhood is gymnastics. She participated in the sport as a child. She still follows the sport on tv and even incorporates the sport into the name of her company. I erudite that she liked to have associates take photographs of her the stage handstands near historic structures, and that she had done this all about the country.

It was by means of that chat that I educated that she even had a photo taken of her the stage a handstand just beyond of the World Trade Concentrate quite a few years ago. I asked her why she hadn't collective this in order with me beforehand and she said, "It was such a hardly thing that I certainly didn't think it was very important. "

In reality, it was that little-known fact that sealed the deal for local newspaper coverage. When I spoke with the reporter, I was able to advantageously cite this "little" fact to the reporter and describe that I could bring the definite photo. It mattered less to the reporter that this client was a self-published cause and ran a booming business. While all of that in rank was great, it was the World Trade Base photo that exhausted the reporter's interest. In the end, as a substitute of getting a small blurb in the newspaper, which was what we certainly expected, she in turn got a front-page story absolute with her photo and references to both her big business and her love for gymnastics. Plus, this was a very reasonable certitude as the client could never have afforded an advertisement the size of that condition generated.

The point that I'm annoying to make is this. From time to time small-business owners need to depend on the army of communiqu? companies in order to acquire media coverage. But whether you are big business with a big bureau or a boutique charity or a freelancer, it's constantly central to share every conscript for the reason that from time to time it's the diminutive details, which can make or break a story.

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Carolyn Davenport-Moncel is head and break down of Mondave Communications, a international marketing and connections firm based in Chicago and Paris, and a subsidiary of MotionTemps, LLC. Commerce her at carolyn@motiontemps. com or by phone in the United States at 877. 815. 0167 or 011. 331. 4997. 9059 in France.


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