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Are there secrets to ahead media coverage or is it pure luck? It's a distrust that I am asked often while appointment with small-business owners who are in quest of press consideration for their companies or products. While luck emphatically plays a part, the short come back with to this distrust is "maybe. " In spite of this with a barely attempt and skill, a small-business owner can drastically add to the odds of garnering coverage by next some basic journalistic rules.

I ongoing my career in communal relations the way many academy students do - as an intern. While effective for a PR action one summer, I cultured the most instruction from a crusty, old newspaper editor with whom I had to have devoted contact.

Each time that I called him to abide by up on a story idea, I would learn a little new - by the time he closed yelling at me. At summer's end that editor had be converted into a adviser for me and the rules introduced by him have served me well in insertion news stories over the years. You see the best gift that he gave me was not a hypothetical case found in my academy textbook. Rather, it was convenient come into contact with in headfirst story ideas to "real" journalists.

What I academic from him about approaching journalists with story ideas can be summed up in one word - relevancy and its many meanings. Allow me to share with you what I erudite that summer. ·

Relevance to Beat Assignments: Only advance a journalist with story ideas that are applicable to his or her news beat assignment.

Relevance to Newsworthiness: Keep in mind that stories must be new, bizarre or important, and informative.

Relevance to Time: Take stock in what's episode in your world and in the lives of others about you by paying interest to contemporary events.

Relevance to Addressees or Readership: Make sure that your story idea will be relevant to the certain group of colonize who comprise the media outlet's readership or viewers. For example, the story idea may only make sense in a magazine that targets operational women, or men's physical condition newsletter, or the residents of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Fifteen years later, I still think about that editor - and every PR guru I have since encountered - at whatever time it is time for me to pitch a story idea to a new reporter. I still stand by my come back with that "maybe" there are secrets to in advance media coverage, but truly appreciation the power of relevancy and how journalists connect with it is a change for the better bet. It could make the change among whether a story idea makes it on the front page or lands in the trashcan.

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Carolyn Davenport-Moncel is head and break down of Mondave Communications, a large-scale marketing and connections firm based in Chicago and Paris, and a subsidiary of MotionTemps, LLC. Call her at carolyn@motiontemps. com or by phone in the United States at 877. 815. 0167 or 011. 331. 4997. 9059 in France.


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