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If your effect or ceremony can be given as a gift, a hype boon awaits at the end of the year - but you need to start effective in June. Each December, media outlets cover the newest, the most modern and the most bizarre Festival gifts. The correspondents assigned to advance these pieces typically depend on two sources of information:

1. Phone interviews with local store owners

- and -

2. Press supplies that have been sent by advertising seekers.

Let's deal with Point 1. Here's a cool trick: In early November, write a communication to provisions and major websites that carry your product. Hark back them that they may be earshot from journalists soon about hot gift ideas, and appeal that they be concerned about mentioning your effect when that happens. Point out a few reasons why your consequence is the newest, coolest, best or whatever. Ask the vendor to drop you an e-mail or give you a call if a story outcome that mentions your product.

Now, on to old-fashioned publicity. When to call the media depends on the book or program's lead time (how far in early payment of newspaper or a breath of fresh air the cloth is developed). Magazines like Woman's Day have a lead time up to six months, so get supplies to them now. Newspapers have a lead time as short as a week for article material, so send equipment in November. In amid are wire services, medium-lead magazines, "in-flight" magazines and others. To learn the lead time of a detail media outlet, call the editorial department. If that doesn't work, try the promotion department.

What you send must be kept clear-cut -- a press announce about your product/service, a pitch dispatch elucidation why it's such a great gift idea, and, if applicable, a disk with color effect photos. See our articles "How to Write a Great Pitch Letter" http://www. publicityinsider. com/pitch. asp and "How to Write a Great Press Release" http://www. publicityinsider. com/release. asp for more details.

As you craft the materials, think about where your product/service fits. Based on its nature, cost, one-off or usefulness, it may work with a assortment of archetypal Christmas Gift stories such as: Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas, Gifts for Teenagers, Gifts for the Character Who Has It All, Gifts for Executives, Gifts that Relax, etc. By symptomatic of a class for your product, moderately than basically stating "Here's a artifact that would make a nice feast gift", you're construction physically stand out -- and maybe even bountiful the journalist an idea for a story angle that he or she wouldn't have brain wave about otherwise. Any way, your probability of being paid coverage are critically improved.

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