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When it comes to launching a new affair or product, some marketing consultants might say that EVERY artifact is fitting for a advertising or media exposure campaign. That is true to a degree, but as a PR/publicity authority and ex- media person, I would become certified that assertion by aphorism that though new foodstuffs would allowance from a solid advertising campaign, not all businesses or crop and their pitches will grab the interest of the media.

A add up to of deliberately generated facial appearance or creation mentions in magazines, newspapers and TV/radio/cable shows all over the country can lend brawny credibility to a new product. That "media bullhorn" can also do wonders en route for educating regulars about your product. But does your creation -- and it's media pitch -- have what it takes to be a focus for the media into charitable you coverage in their pages or on their airwaves? As I mentioned, many crop or businesses can create some type of hype and media interest, but in my certified experience, the types of food and pitches that lend themselves to the best media exposure include:

  • home/garden products

  • kitchen/cooking/food products

  • consumer electronics

  • automotive accessories

  • home repair/DIY tools

  • personal health/medical/fitness products

  • recreational/outdoor products

  • experts (business, health, technology)

If you have a new or under-publicized effect in one of these categories, the media could be a good alone to you. However, you first have be a alone to the media. Your creation (and pitch) needs to have what the media calls a "news peg" -- that gives them a commonsensical and interesting argue to article YOUR artifact as different to the 200 other media pitches that are on their desks right now. Additionally, you need to make it as easy as feasible for them to do your story or they WILL move onto a competitor's pitch and effect that is easier to cover.

  • Can you afford a media sample?

  • Do you have attribute photos of the product?

  • How can the artifact be purchased: in stores, catalogs, online, by phone?

  • Can you array a quick interview if needed?

Products/services that don't actually lend themselves to media appeal or advertising are equipment like:

  • website developers

  • cell phone/printer cartridge sales

  • vitamin supplements

  • insurance

  • financial planning

  • MLM/downline schemes

I'm not implying that these types of businesses aren't media worthy. I'm cleanly aphorism that from a media interest, editorial standpoint, there are thousands of competing creation and businesses like these on the advertise and except they are donation a little truly unique, they lack that "news peg" that will be a magnet for the media's attention. If you are launching, let's say, a new plot tool that is very akin to many other backyard tools on the market, don't anticipate much activity from the media in putting as one a feature. You can build that news peg by answering a few questions:

  • How does your effect be at odds from competing food previously on the market?

  • Why ought to the media and later regulars be fascinated in your product?

  • Does it endow with a blend to an offered catch for consumers?

Bottom line -- an knowledgeably maintained advertising battle can help forge wonderfully reciprocal, mutually beneficial relationships with the media. Reciprocal, in that the media constantly need appealing in sequence to put at once their effect profiles and affair facial appearance -- and YOU need continual media exposure to get the word out. If your consequence or commerce can meet the media principles mentioned above, you could allowance awfully from some solid all over the country media exposure. Being paid your effect mentioned in print articles and on TV/radio shows countrywide will help apply the word to customers -- and at a part of the cost of a countrywide publicity campaign.

About The Author

Todd Brabender is the Leader of Allot The News Civic Relations, Inc. His affair specializes in generating media exposure and media hype for innovative products, businesses, experts and inventions. Free Media hype Consultations obtainable online: http://www. spreadthenewspr. com; todd@spreadthenewspr. com; (785) 842-8909


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