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Excerpted from "Selling Goodness- The Insurrectionary PR Guide To Promoting Your Charity, Nonprofit Organization, Or Fund Raising Event"

Whether you are construction a pitch over the phone or in person, whether to a newspaper or magazine journalist or a reporter or producer in the electronic media, there are deep rules to follow. To some extent, they coincide with common rules that apply to all human relations-courtesy, honesty, respect, integrity-but some of them are more or less exclusive to media relations, such as the help of having a topic that grabs by the collar and won't let go.

Here are my ten commandments for head-over-heels the media:

1) Underlying the whole lot must be the five F's: You must be fast, fair, factual, frank, and friendly. These words spell credibility, a currency worth its authority in platinum.

2) Never be boring. Never.

3) Know the media you contact. Watch, listen, read.

4) Know your area of interest thouroughly.

5) Don't just take yes for an answer. Admire up. Be a consequence through.

6) Continually keep your temper in check and your calm cool.

7) Don't be frightened in conniving your pitch. You have to make the first move, or no move will be made. The media won't come to you.

8) Turn any apprehension to your improvement by emphasizing your genuineness, the fact that you aren't a slick, artificial salesperson.

9) Make by hand understood. Do not use jargon and mechanical language. You won't be creation by hand seem less bright by doing so. Quite the contrary. Some of the most brilliant ancestors I know speak with beguiling simplicity.

10) Be equipped for a dialog once you've made your pitch. A clear-cut "yes" or "no" is less liable than being paid a run of follow-up questions from the journalist. This is an chance for you to get bigger on your case and build rapport with the anyone you're plunging to.

And the eleventh commandment: Keep a healthy, all right perspective. This isn't nuclear armaments negotiation. Keep cool and have fun.

Michael Levine is the break down of the prominent community relations firm Levine Communications Office, based in Los Angeles. He is the biographer of Rebel PR, 7 Life Education from Noah's Ark: How to Endure a Flood in Your Own Life.

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