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35 Quick Tips for Copy A Press Release

Layout1. 1-2 pages in length.

Smashing the Myth of the Press Release

A musician spends years honing his craft. He writes world-class songs and performs them in a behavior that moves his spectators to tears.

10 Tips for Provoking News Releases

Want to get radio interviews and coverage in print publications to sell more books? Master the art of copy charismatic media releasesthat catch the attention of interest of editors and publishers. A media circulate (which also goes by its previous name, the press release) is a one page, bend in half spaced, single-sided article deliberate to transmit news about books, products, and people.

The Four Seasons of Exposure - Construction an All-Year Publicity

If you're like most exposure seekers, you maybe think oneproject at a time. You've got a new consequence appearance out in April,so you send out a delivery in March.

How to Tie-In With News Dealings to Score Publicity

It's safe to say that we live in appealing times. It seems wehardly have a pause connecting wars, tragedies, scandals,epidemics, performance trials and other measures that benefit from themedia's attention.

Publicity From Thin Air

In an ideal world, your affair would be brimful withnewsworthy stories, and the media would be coming up with batedbreath for your next press release, ready to give you front pagecoverage. In the real world, however, it's not at all times so easy to generatereal news.

Grandma Says...

Southern grandmothers have often said, "there are only three times a respectable person's name ought to be in the paper: when you are born, when you are married, and when you die." This is the one area in which I part ballet company with my grandmothers.

Press Releases for Every Occasion

To many marketers, the press announcement is amazing of a "one sizefits all" proposition. You want to get media coverage, you eliminate a press release, send it to some journalists and sit back andwait.

Press Kit Rudiments That Work

Considering how deep they are to the publicist's trade,it's at all times amazed me how lousy approximately all press kits truly are.Your classic press kit is a blown up folder overflowing with puffery,hype, extraneous in a row and worse.

Forget the Press Delivery - Heres How to Pitch Like Roger Clemens

Stripped down to its core, media hype is a small amount more than oneperson persuading another. You, the media hype seeker, mustpersuade a journalist that your story is admirable of receivingprint space or air time.

8 Ways to Use Local Hype to Drive Your Business

While scoring anice story in BusinessWeek or USA Today is a bit tocelebrate, there are times when you need to grab concentration a bitcloser to home. If your affair draws its clientele from a definite town, cityor region, focusing your energy on in receipt of an indescribable nationalpublicity hit may be overkill, in particular when receiving publicitywhere you need it -- in your home town -- is often so mucheasier.

The Best PR Edge: Receiving Newspapers To Open Your E-Mails

You know that being paid media hype is vital to the fitness of yourbusiness. You maybe also know that e-mail is the way mostpublicity seekers get in touch with correspondents to score thatprecious coverage.

Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business

What is the one thing that all of the best broadcast relationsagencies do every year? They delve into and compile editorial calendars from publicationsthat are applicable to their client's business. You must too.

Creating Your Online News Room: How To Build a Site The Media Will Love

From time to time, citizens ask me how broadcast relations has changedduring the two decades in which I've been in the hunt for publicity. Myanswer: technology.

7 Tips to Get More Mileage Out of Your Online or Offline Publicity

You worked hard to get a story on your big business in a popularwebsite or your local paper. Don't let your hard work ends there --here are seven tips to help you augment your online and offlinepublicity: 1) Reprint, Reprint, Reprint! A beneficial condition on your business or crop is marketing gold- it implies that the book or website has given itsendorsement.

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CMS Board hires PR firm for damage control of superintendent suspension  WBTV

Sources say the firm is expected to specifically to handle the situation involving the superintendent's suspension so that CMS employees wouldn't have to deal ...

Tear Gas Fired at Puerto Rico Protesters Amid Calls for Governor’s Resignation  The New York Times

A day of protests turned raucous in Puerto Rico and the police fired tear gas to hold back a crowd demanding the resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló.

Miami Host Committee Taps Golin For 2020 Super Bowl PR  The Holmes Report

Golin has launched a multi-faceted campaign aimed at drumming up interest in South Florida as well as the February game.

Seven PR Factors To Power Your Digital Communications Strategy  Forbes

As public relations and other marketing disciplines continue to converge and intertwine, having a comprehensive digital communications strategy becomes more ...

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle PR Stunt

The royal family has a saying: never complain, never explain. Which means that when they're confronted with drama, they have to find other, more creative, ways ...

CMS Board Hires PR Firm To Deal With Superintendent Suspension Aftermath  WFAE

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board has hired a global public relations firm for $30000 that specializes in crisis management to deal with the.

Breakfast Briefing: 5 things for PR pros to know on Thursday morning  PRWeek

Breakfast Briefing: 5 things for PR pros to know on Thursday morning. From PR Week.

The pros and cons of hiring in-house versus agency public relations

One of the most critical decisions you'll face as an entrepreneur is determining the best channels -- and partners -- to help promote your brand's message.

Why Paddy Power's 'shocking' Huddersfield Town kit might be a PR stunt  The Drum

Paddy Power has stoked controversy yet again after revealing a "bold" design for new partner Huddersfield Town's kit. However, fans are convinced the move is ...

Jeffrey Epstein’s PR master strategy was a ‘classic tactic of spamming the internet’  MarketWatch

A reputation-repair program for a prominent person convicted of criminal wrongdoing can easily cost more than $100000.

HBO's Head of PR to Depart After Nearly 40 Years  Hollywood Reporter

Two months after corporate parent WarnerMedia enlisted Kevin Brockman as its head of PR, HBO's head of corporate communications Quentin Schaffer is set to ...

Stream Residente's Puerto Rico Protest Song "Afilando Los Cuchillos' : Alt.Latino  NPR

Amid the most crucial political crisis to hit Puerto Rico in its modern history, Puerto Rican artists Residente, Bad Bunny and iLe respond with music in real time.

53% of PR pros use a wire service, Coca-Cola's approach to inclusion, and words to banish - PR Daily  PR Daily

Good morning, PR pros: Diet Coke is removing the labels from some of its cans to help consumers “start a conversation about theirs.” The campaign, called ...

14 Apps Top PR Executives Can't Live Without  Forbes

Set your PR team up for success with these must-have apps from the experts of Forbes Agency Council.

Poll: Two-thirds of country favors statehood for Puerto Rico  Politico

The 66 percent support for admitting the island as the 51st state is consistent with polling dating back to the early 1960s.

In Puerto Rico, Ponce Mayor Mayita Meléndez Discusses The State Of The Island  NPR

NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Mayor Mayita Meléndez of Ponce, Puerto Rico, about growing calls for the governor's resignation.

Five Tips For Aspiring PR Professionals  Forbes

Get established in the field and start the process of becoming a media master.

Harpootlian blasts Richland County for voting to hire PR firm  The State

SC state Sen. Dick Harpootlian blasted Richland County Council for voting to hire public relations consultants to conduct PR for county council members, saying ...

Puerto Rico Leadership in Turmoil Amid Calls for Ricardo Rosselló to Resign  The New York Times

Two senior members of Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló's cabinet have stepped down amid a widening political crisis in Puerto Rico.

Two-thirds of Americans support statehood for Puerto Rico, Gallup finds  CNN International

Two in three Americans support statehood for the US territory of Puerto Rico, a Gallup Poll released Thursday found, a figure that's largely consistent with where ...

Tales Of The Cocktail Doubles Down On Its Support Of Puerto Rico's Bar Scene  Forbes

The nation's largest annual cocktail conference will travel to Puerto Rico for the second year in a row to continue supporting the commonwealth's rebuilding ...

Puerto Rico: thousands flood streets in push to oust governor – in pictures  The Guardian

Photographer Angel Valentin accompanied our reporter Oliver Laughland to capture the growing protests in Puerto Rico against Governor Ricky Rosselló.

Did Betsy DeVos's School Choice Program Enable Puerto Rico's Corruption Scandal?  Forbes

Yesterday, the former education secretary of Puerto Rico, Julia Keleher, returned to the island to stand trial after being arrested by the FBI on July 10th on fraud ...

Harold Burson is heading home to Memphis after 73 years  PRWeek

Harold Burson is heading home to Memphis after 73 years. From PR Week.

Does Richland County need better PR? Council members want to hire an image maker  The State

Richland County Council wants to hire an outside communications firm to help council members better communicate with county residents about what they do.

Former health minister rejoins controversial drug maker's PR agency  The Guardian

Former health minister James O'Shaughnessy has rejoined the PR consultancy Portland, whose clients include a US drug company which is refusing to drop the ...

Embattled Puerto Rico Gov Apologizes for Profane Tirade Against Ex-NYC Council Speaker  NBC New York

Puerto Rican Gov. Gov. Ricardo Rosselló was in Europe with his family this week on vacation when his administration took several hits that many believe have ...

5 things to know for July 18: Politics, Puerto Rico, cops' social posts, Kevin Spacey  CNN

(CNN) If you've been looking (unsuccessfully) for Impossible burgers, here's some good news: Shortages of the plant-based meat products appear to be over.

AT&T explores sale of its Puerto Rico business: sources  Reuters

(Reuters) - AT&T Inc (T.N) is exploring options for its business in Puerto Rico that could include a potential sale for around $3 billion, people familiar with the ...

LG Pay Available Today In US  PRNewswire

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LG Electronics USA announced that LG Pay®, LG's comprehensive mobile payments solution, will ...

FBI makes arrests in Puerto Rico corruption scandal, prompting calls for governor’s ouster and concerns about billions in storm aid  The Washington Post

The FBI on Wednesday arrested two former senior officials who served in the administration of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, leading the chairman of the ...

PR: Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority Approves Tokenized Real Estate Investment Product  Bitcoin News

CROWDLITOKEN AG pioneers and starts distribution of a digital bond – European retail investors benefit as well For the first time in Europe, the Liechtenstein ...

In pictures: Puerto Rico in protest  CNN

Puerto Ricans have been calling for the resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló after nearly 900 pages of leaked chats from the governor's private Telegram ...

Blackstone Announces Agreement to Acquire Vungle, a Leading Mobile Performance Marketing Platform  PRNewswire

NEW YORK, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackstone (NYSE:BX) announced today that private equity funds managed by Blackstone ("Blackstone") have ...

Richland County SC Needs PR Help, Alright  FITSNews

Richland County, South Carolina's scandal-scarred, competence-challenged government voted earlier this week to hire a public relations firm to assist its ...

PR: Wallet Joins Blockchain Consortium FIO  Bitcoin News wallet, the official wallet of, has joined the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) in a move that will assist the wave of new users ...

Protests Against Governor Continue in Puerto Rico  NBC New York

After a night when tensions were high and ended with violent clashes between police and protesters, the demonstrations continued in San Juan for the ninth ...

'Living legend' of public relations Harold Burson makes career move at 98  The Daily Memphian

Harold Burson is called a living legend, icon, godfather and founding father of the public relations industry. And he's switching his office from New York to ...

Three Things You Need To Know Before You Develop Your PR  Entrepreneur

When you're introducing a new brand or launching a new product, word of mouth is essential in building trust, raising awareness, and ultimately, achieving those ...

‘Trends end’: Fashion brands are working to move sustainability efforts beyond PR  Glossy

Sustainability is about more than just materials. While making a pair of shoes out of plastic bottles is good PR, it's the behind-the-scenes supply chain changes ...

‘Imprisoned’, Shot In Puerto Rico Just Before Hurricane Maria Hit, Heading Back For Premiere  Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Cinema Libre Studio has acquired North American distribution rights to Imprisoned, the indie drama starring Laurence Fishburne, Juana Acosta ...

Starbucks reveals why brands should lead with values - PR Daily  PR Daily

Starbucks must have felt a sinking sense of déjà vu as news outlets picked up the recent incident in Tempe, Arizona, where employees asked police officers to ...

Alex Cora steps up to bat for native Puerto Rico  The Boston Globe

And after recent events in his native Puerto Rico, Cora on Wednesday strongly called for Ricardo Rossello to step down as governor after leaked texts exposed ...

Protests in Puerto Rico - CNN  CNN International

Puerto Rico is in a state of unrest after a series of protests this week. Demonstrators are calling for Governor Ricardo Rosselló to resign, but he has refused.

A day in the life of... Head of Content and Digital PR at MediaVision  Econsultancy

Jodie Harris is Head of *Content* and Digital PR at MediaVision, a London-based integrated digital marketing agency. We caught up with her to find out about the ...

Burglars rob Puerto Rico police station of guns, ammunition  Miami Herald

Puerto Rico's police department says somebody has broken into a police station and stolen weapons on the southern part of the U.S. territory.

Protesters In Puerto Rico Call For The Governor To Resign  NPR

Text messages of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló private communication with cabinet members leaked and show derisive, profanity-laced messages about political foes.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Wimbledon visit was a ‘masterful PR exercise’ to stop rift rumours, royal e  The Sun

RUMOURS of a royal rift between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were finally put to bed over the weekend, when the duchesses took to the royal box at ...

Puerto Rico faces tougher scrutiny over federal Medicaid funding  Physician's Weekly

Jul 17, 2019 | Reuters | 0 |. Puerto Rico faces tougher scrutiny over federal Medicaid funding. By Karen Pierog. (Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday ...

Don't Fall for Atkins PR Ploy: For Healthy Diets, We Need Strong Government Support  Union of Concerned Scientists

Readers with an interest in food and health might have been intrigued by full-page ads in the New York Times and Washington Post calling for an overhaul of ...

Puerto Rico, six months after Hurricane Maria  PIX11 New York

ON THE GROUND IN PUERTO RICO: Living in the dark. Downed power lines. Shuttered businesses. Abandoned buildings. Cold showers, if there's water at all.

Good Morning America: 07/18/19: More Protests Erupt in Puerto Rico as Thousands Take to The Streets Watch Full Episode | 07/18/2019  ABC

Good Morning America full episode recap, 07/18/2019: Trump ramps up attacks with 'send her back' chants at N.C. rally; Sex crime charges dropped against ...

Who's Next in the Line of Succession in Puerto Rico?  Bay News 9

U.S. territory Puerto Rico, which has a large diaspora in Florida, is dealing with the possible resignation or even impeachment of its governor.

Dodgers' Kiké Hernandez, Wife Mariana Vicente Join Calls For Puerto Rico's Governor To Resign In Wake Of Scandal

Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Kiké Hernandez and wife Mariana Vicente, both Puerto Rico natives, voiced support for the resignation of Governor Rossello.

Toddler takes fatal plunge from cruise ship in Puerto Rico: reports  New York Post

The toddler was being held by her grandfather when she slipped out of his arms and plunged from the 11th floor of the "Freedom of the Seas."

Smart Uses YGC Foundation to Change Lives in Puerto Rico | Boston Celtics

BOSTON – Marcus Smart loves giving back. But he's never given back like this. From July 15-18, Smart took his YounGameChanger Foundation to Puerto Rico ...

PR: Cred and Join Forces to Boost Crypto Lending  Bitcoin News

By John Yearwood Cred Correspondent Amid a dramatic Bitcoin bull run, two of the most influential names in the blockchain finance industry have launched a.

Plot Twist: Did Jenelle Evans Fake Nugget's Death as a PR Stunt?  Showbiz Cheat Sheet

There seems to be a plot twist in the Jenelle Evans saga. It's possible that Nugget's death was faked. Find out more!

Weightlifter Katherine Nye Squats 182kg/400lb for a New PR  BarBend

USA weightlifter Katherine Nye is a name on everyone's radar heading into the upcoming Olympic year. She's had a record-setting 2019 season so far, being ...

UNHRC: What we have here is a PR problem  Philippine Star

Frankly speaking, I'm for leaving the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for it has become a PR problem to the Philippines. Yes, for me it is a PR ...

Media diversity concerns as PR firm takes control of Tasmanian regional papers  ABC News

A public relations firm boasting two former Liberal party senior advisers has purchased two regional Tasmanian newspapers, installing as editor a controversial ...

Sylvia Desrochers Shutters Big Time PR To Join MPRM As SVP, Brings Key Team With Her  Deadline

Sylvia Desrochers is closing her Big Time PR agency and joining the executive team at MPRM as senior vice president.

Protests Over Puerto Rico Governor’s Scandal Turn Violent  NBC4 Washington

More than 20 law enforcement officers were injured amid increasingly violent demonstrations in San Juan on Monday night, where protestors called for Gov.

Positive PR from Tesla (TSLA) and Ford (F) Doesn’t Jibe With a Negative Forecast from RBC Capital  Yahoo Finance

In just a couple of weeks, Ford Motor (F) is due to report its fiscal Q2 2019 earnings -- and good news: Just last week, Ford revealed that based on preliminary ...

CWA-Represented Employees Vote to Ratify Mobility Puerto Rico Agreement  PRNewswire

DALLAS, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Leadership of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) has notified AT&T* that CWA-represented employees ...

How Abortion Care in Puerto Rico Has Gone Ignored Since Hurricane María  Remezcla

Nearly two years after Hurricane María ravaged Puerto Rico, clinics on the island have seen a decline in abortions.

Why PR pros should be part of your SEO and social media teams - PR Daily  PR Daily

Digital marketing is a puzzle that brands continue trying to solve. Under that umbrella, they know they need to have a strong search marketing game—and of ...

In a crisis, beware the false memory phenomenon - PR Daily  PR Daily

You might not know what you think you know. In 2013, MIT scientists successfully implanted false memories in mice to better understand how faulty memories ...

Majority of UK Instagram influencers engage in fakery - landmark new study  PRWeek

More than half of UK Instagram accounts have been found to engage some form of fraudulent activity, including buying mass followers, likes or inauthentic ...

Newspaper ad allegedly by S'pore PR woman, 44, seeking soulmate who earns at least S$10000 a month

Love can be left to chance and discovered in unexpected places, but some would rather take destiny into their own hands.

After Maria, The Quest For An Affordable Hurricane Proof House in Puerto Rico  NPR

In Puerto Rico, nearly two years after hurricane Maria, the need for safe, affordable housing is still a massive challenge. "We have more than a half million ...

Puerto Rico protesters demand resignation of governor  Miami Herald

Thousands of protesters choked the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, on July 15, to demand the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello. The protests were ...

Ancient trove may attest to lost civilization in Puerto Rico  Haaretz

A collection of enigmatic figurines given to a monk by their dying guardian in the late 1870s could be artifacts from a lost civilization that lived in Puerto Rico as ...

'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda joins rally against Puerto Rico governor  Miami Herald

Miranda led about 200 people at a rally in Manhattan's Union Square on July 17, 2019 . They waved Puerto Rican flags and followed him to a drumbeat, ...

As BDO PR/USVI Former President Appears In Federal Court On Corruption Charges, Questions Linger About The Company's USVI Operations -  VI Consortium

Fernando Scherrer appeared in federal court in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to finalize bail procedures as part of a group of six people arrested on July 10 for their ...

Inside the New Orleans wedding of a fashion PR and an NFL star  Vogue Australia

An Australian fashion publicist and a New Orleans Saints player wed at the New Orleans Marigny Opera House during a lavish celebration.

PR: Matrix Exchange Receives Approval From Abu Dhabi Global Market  Bitcoin News

Abu Dhabi-based crypto asset exchange, Matrix Exchange announced on July 12 that it has received an In-Principle Approval (IPA) from by the Financial ...

Here's How This PR Maven Balances Deadlines, Family Life and Uncertainty  Entrepreneur

In this episode of Resilience, Entrepreneur Network partner Alley spotlights Beltkiss Sanborn, the founder of Bilquis Ocon PR, about some her biggest ...

NRA splits with PR firm, lobbyist and TV amid infighting  The Associated Press

Infighting at the National Rifle Association exploded Wednesday, when the powerful association severed ties with its longtime public relations firm, suspended ...

Infographic: How color changes the perception of your message - PR Daily  PR Daily

The colors you use send a specific message to your audience. When designing your visual style, whether that's on a website or in print, it is important to know ...

Kylie Jenner's PR Insta-Vacation Is One Big, Sexy Advertisement! - X17 Online  X17 Online

Now Kylie's promoting Scott Disick's stuff! The makeup maven is on a luxury trip with her pals, including Scott's girlfriend Sofia Richie, in the Turks and Caicos, ...

Scandal Engulfing Puerto Rico's Governor Affecting Tourism  Bay News 9

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO — As the scandal plaguing the administration of Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rosselló continues to spark protests and calls for his ...

Farruko Teams Up With HBO Latino for Concert Special in Puerto Rico (Exclusive)  Entertainment Tonight

The 28-year-old singer spoke with ET about his musical inspirations from Jerry Rivera to Yandel.

Puente la Bellaca (La Bellaca Bridge) – Quebradillas, Puerto Rico  Atlas Obscura

Discover Puente la Bellaca (La Bellaca Bridge) in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico: This former railroad bridge was named after the great river that once flowed below ...

Nick Clegg: “I'm not just providing a PR gloss”  Financial Times

ICYMI, former deputy prime minister-turned-YouTube sensation-turned-Facebook flack Nick Clegg went on Radio 4's Today programme earlier on Monday to ...

The Tampon Book, Which Protests Taxes on Menstrual Products, Wins PR Grand Prix at Cannes  Adweek

Budweiser, McDonald's and Donate Life California win gold Lions.

Watch: Former BDO PR/USVI Boss Appears In Court Following Corruption Scandal -  VI Consortium

Fernando Scherrer, head of BDO Puerto Rico/USVI appeared in federal court in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to finalize bail procedures as part of a group of six ...

Chief of NRA's Ex-Public Relations Firm, Angus McQueen, Dies  U.S. News & World Report

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Angus McQueen, longtime CEO of the public relations firm that shaped the National Rifle Association's most memorable messages ...

PR's image problem: 92% think PR pros 'hide the truth' and lie, majority don't understand industry  PRWeek

PR has a public perception problem as a majority of people believe brands and organisations use it to hide the truth and cover up their mistakes, a new study of ...

The Strategic Exclusion of Puerto Rico's Data From the Broadband Deployment Report  Public Knowledge Tech News and Comment

We are in the second month of the 2019 hurricane season and to many, especially those living in Puerto Rico, there are fears about what this season may bring ...

Cannes: Golin Takes Industry's First PR Gold As German Agency Wins Grand Prix  The Holmes Report

CANNES—This year's Cannes PR jury awarded just six Gold Lions—half as many as last year—but for the first time it did present one of them to a campaign ...

Protests in Puerto Rico Demand Governor's Resignation  News 13

Pressure is mounting on Puerto Rico's governor as a series of scandals has people taking to the streets.

History Ups Susan Ievoli To SVP Public Relations  Deadline

PR veteran Susan Ievoli has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Public Relations for History.

Authorities discover nearly $4 million in an abandoned boat in Puerto Rico  CNN

After border patrol agents in Puerto Rico chased after a boat on Sunday, they found five duffel bags stuffed with $3.7 million in cash.

‘A Space Where You Could Be Free’: Puerto Rico’s L.G.B.T. Groups Rebuild After a Hurricane  The New York Times

Hurricane Maria doomed some of Puerto Rico's safe spaces for L.G.B.T. groups. Now they're opening new ones — and fighting new political fights.

New Balance Hands Global PR Business To MullenLowe  The Holmes Report

BOSTON — Sportswear giant New Balance has handed its global public relations business to MullenLowe PR, formally naming the firm its PR agency of record.

10 do's and don'ts for landing your first PR job - PR Daily  PR Daily

Landing that first PR job is tougher than most people care to admit. That's because there is no paint-by-numbers career trajectory for communicators.

Reminder: Puerto Rico is not a country  City & State

On Sunday, President Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant, brashly directing “'Progressive' Democrat Congresswomen” – presumed to be Reps. Alexandria ...

Connecticut Residents React to Puerto Rico Unrest  NBC Connecticut

As tensions grow in the streets of Puerto Rico over a corruption scandal involving the island's governor, natives of the island here in Connecticut are paying ...

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